Sensualism or Sensationalism is a philosophical doctrine of the theory of knowledge, according to which sensations and perception are basic and most important form of true cognition. It may oppose abstract ideas. The basic principle of sensualism is "there is not anything in mind, which hasn't been in the sensations." [According to Schopenhauer, this judgment was attributed to Aristotle. Schopenhauer presents the Latin version as "Nihil est in intellectu nisi quod antea fuerit in sensu". See "The World as Will and Representation", Volume II, Chapter VII. It is possible that it was mentioned by the Stoic Cicero and was repeated by Augustine of Hippo and Thomas Aquinas.]

The great philosophers of sensualism are:
* Aristotle
* Thomas Aquinas
* John Locke
* George Berkeley
* David Hume
* Étienne Bonnot de Condillac
* William James

See also

* Empiricism


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