Babe may refer to:


* Babe Adams (1882-1968), American right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball (1906-1926)
* Babe Dye (1898–1962), Canadian professional ice hockey forward
* Babe Herman (1903-1987), American right fielder in Major League Baseball
* Babe Pinelli (1895–1984), American third baseman and umpire in Major League Baseball
* Babe Pratt (1916-1988), Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman
* Babe Ruth (1895–1948), American Major League baseball player (1914-1935)
* Babe Zaharias (1911–1956), American multi-sport female athlete, née Didrikson.
* Philip "Babe" Marchildon (1913–1997) Canadian Major League Baseball pitcher (1940-1950)


* Babe (Bragança), a Portuguese parish in the municipality of Bragança
* Babe (Sopot), village near Sopot in Serbia


* Babe (band), Serbian rock band
* BaBe, a Japanese J-Pop band
* "Babe" (song), a song on Styx's 1979 triple-platinum album Cornerstone
* "Babe" (Take That song), number one hit single by the UK boy band Take That
* Babe, title character of the Dick King-Smith book "The Sheep-Pig" and the two films "Babe (film)", an Academy Award-winning 1995 Australian film and "", the 1998 sequel.
* "The Babe (film)", 1992 film about famed baseball player Babe Ruth starring John Goodman
* "Babe", 1975 TV movie biography of Babe Zaharias, starring Susan Clark and Alex Karras
* Babe (comics), a comic book by artist/writer John Byrne
* Babe the Blue Ox, the giant blue ox in the tall tales about the mythical lumberjack Paul Bunyan
* BaBe, Japanese singing duo from the 1980s.

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