Regius Professor of Hebrew

Regius Professor of Hebrew

The Regius Professorship of Hebrew, founded by Henry VIII, a professorship at both Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

Regius Professors of Hebrew: Cambridge

The chair was founded by Henry VIII in 1540 with a stipend of £40 per year, subsequently increased in 1848 by a canonry of Ely Cathedral. The chair has been held by:

* Thomas Wakefield (1540)
* Paulus Fagius (1549)
* Johannes Immanuel Tremellius (1550)
* Antoine Rodolphe Chevallier (1569)
* Philippe Bignon (1572)
* Edward Lively (1575)
* Robert Spaldinge (1605)
* Geoffrey Kynge (1607)
* Andrew Byng (1608)
* Robert Metcalfe (1622?)
* Ralph Cudworth (1645)
* Wolfram Stubbe (1688)
* James Talbot (1699)
* Henry Sike (1705)
* Philip Bouquett (1712)
* Thomas Harrison (1748)
* Charles Torriano (1753)
* William Disney (1757)
* William Collier (1771)
* John Porter (1790)
* Henry Lloyd (1795)
* Samuel Lee (1831)
* William Hodge Mill (1848)
* Thomas Jarrett (1854)
* Alexander Francis Kirkpatrick (1882)
* Robert Hatch Kennett (1903)
* Stanley Arthur Cook (1932)
* David Winton Thomas (1938)
* John Adney Emerton (1968)
* Robert Patterson Gordon (1995)

Regius Professors of Hebrew: Oxford

The chair was founded by Henry VIII in 1546. In 1630 a canonry of Christ Church was perpetually annexed to the professorship, through the influence of Archbishop Laud.

Incomplete list:

*1546 or 1547 Thomas Harding
*1548 Richard Bruern
*1559 Thomas Neale (professor)
*1569 Thomas Kingsmill
*1591 John Harding (I)
*1598 William Thorn
*1604 John Harding (II)
*1610 Richard Kirby
*1621 Edward Meetkirke
*1626 John Morris
*1648 Edward Pococke
*1691 Roger Altham (I)
*1697 Thomas Hyde
*1702 Roger Altham (II)
*1705 Robert Clavering
*1747 Thomas Hunt
*1774 Richard Brown
*1780 George Jubb
*1787 Benjamin Blayney
*1802 Joseph White
*1814 Richard Laurence
*1822 Alexander Nicoli
*1828-82 Edward Bouverie Pusey
*1883 Samuel Rolles Driver---
*1978-89 James Barr
*1992- Hugh Williamson

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