Walter Ullmann

Walter Ullmann

Walter Ullmann (1910-1983) was an Austrian-Jewish scholar, who settled in the United Kingdom after leaving Austria in the late 1930s. He was a recognised authority on medieval political thought, and in particular legal theory, an area in which he published prolifically.

He had positions at the University of Leeds, and then from 1949 at the University of Cambridge. He became Professor of Medieval History, and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.


*"The Medieval Idea of Law as Represented by Lucas de Penna: A Study in Fourteenth-Century Legal Scholarship." (1946) introduction by Harold Dexter Hazeltine
*"Medieval Papalism. The Political Theories of the Medieval Canonists" (1949) 1948 Maitland Lectures
*"The Growth of Papal Government in the Middle Ages: A study in the ideological relation of clerical to lay power" (1955)
*The Medieval Papacy, St Thomas and Beyond (1960) The Aquinas Society of London, Aquinas Paper No. 35:
*Liber Regie Capelle: A Manuscript in the Bibliotheca Publica, Evora (1961)
*A History of Political Thought: The Middle Ages (1965) as Medieval Political Thought (1972)
*The Relevance of Medieval Ecclesiastical History : An Inaugural Lecture ( (1966)
*The Individual and Society in the Middle Ages (1966)
*Principles of Government and Politics in the Middle Ages (1966)
*The Carolingian Renaissance and the Idea of Kingship: (1969) The Birkbeck Lectures 1968-9
*A Short History of the Papacy in the Middle Ages (1972)
*Origins of the Great Schism: A Study in fourteenth-century Ecclesiastical History (1972)
*The Future of Medieval History: An Inaugural Lecture.(1973)
*Law and Politics in the Middle Ages. An Introduction to the Sources of Medieval Political Ideas (1975)
*The Church and the Law in the Earlier Middle Ages: Selected Essays (1975)
*Medieval Foundations of Renaissance Humanism (1977)
*Law and Jurisdiction in the Middle Ages: (1988)

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