Piotr Fyodorovich Anjou

Piotr Fyodorovich Anjou

Anjou, Piotr Fyodorovich ("Анжу, Пётр Фёдорович" in Russian) (2.15.1796 — 10.12.1869), Arctic explorer, admiral of the Russian fleet. As a lieutenant, Anjou was given a task to describe the northern coast of Siberia in 1820. He and his assistants (P.Ilyin, Ilya Berezhnikh, and A.Figurin) described the coastline and the islands between the rivers Olenek and Indigirka and made a map of the New Siberian Islands.

In 1825-1826, Anjou participated in describing the northeastern coast of the Caspian Sea and the western coast of the Aral Sea. He distinguished himself in the Battle of Navarino as a lieutenant of the battleship "Gangut".

Later on, he held a few commanding posts and also served in administrative and scientific establishments of the Department of the Navy. One of the groups of the New Siberian Islands bears Anjou's name (the Anjou Islands).

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