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FileHawk is an indexing and searching program, for Windows, designed to organize computer files. Used as a desktop search application to find files by their contents in computers, networks and removable media. FileHawk also provides an alternative to Windows Explorer to organize documents.


FileHawk was developed in 2004 by Quadrom Services, S.L., based in Barcelona, Spain. In business since 1992, Quadrom Services, S.L. has developed high performance software in the telecommunications and pharmaceutical industry. These applications included custom databases, indexes and other technology that could be transferred to desktop searching and document organization.

Quadrom Services, S.L. recognized that with the increasing amount on files stored in computers, it has become very difficult to find mis-named files, mis-filed documents and rarely used documents. Files are not only stored in computers but locations such as networks, CDs, DVDs and USB drives. Quadrom Services, S.L. noticed this fact and designed FileHawk in a way that it can pinpoint files by their contents, even if the device is not in the computer at the time of the search.


Quadrom Services, S.L. wanted to take desktop searching to another level and developed a way to organize files. FileHawk was designed to organize computer documents in a way that makes sense to the user instead of the users trying to figure out the best way to categorize files within Windows Explorer. Using the flexible active folders, FileHawk groups related files according to the users' personal criteria. A file can be found in several active folders without creating a duplicate file in the computer.

A growing number of files can also be stored on USB flash drives. Quadrom Services, S.L. developed a tool allowing the user to bring the search and file management ability with them. A specific version was conceived specifically for U3 smart's drive.

Quadrom Services, S.L. uses the industry standard text extraction tool called "iFilter" from Microsoft in FileHawk. It therefore indexes the most common file extensions such as doc, xls, MP3 and zip as well as support for plugins for other file extensions such as StarOffice, PDF and OpenOffice.

Other key features:
Perform sub-second searches
Displays document previews which include the words or phrases you are looking for.
Personalize search criteria with exact phrase, any word, without these words, similar words, file date and file size searches.
Allows you to search email attachments in Outlook and Eudora
Available in three languages: English, French and Spanish
Rapid indexing and uses more efficient space on hard drive
Scheduled updating and indexing
From the results screen, many fi

le-oriented functions are available, for example copy and paste files into a Windows Explorer screen

External links

* [ FileHawk Website]
* [ Microsoft iFilter]

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