Gilbert G. Groud

Gilbert G. Groud

Gilbert G. Groud (1956 - present) is a painter, illustrator and author from Toulepleu, Côte d'Ivoire.


He was born around 1956 in a little village close to Toulepleu in Côte d'Ivoire. [ [] Short Biography of Gilbert G. Groud] He had 23 siblings, not all of whom were born to the same mother since his father was polygamous. 7 siblings were of the same mother.

He attended primary school in his home village. His high school was in the city.

1979 he began his studies of art at the Institut Nationale des Arts in Abidjan. He specialised on communication. His Master thesis was on the topic of "magie noire" (Black Magic).

Due to this paper he created the trilogy "Magie Noire", of which the first book was published in and the second book is supposed to be published by January 2008. The comic book speaks about black magic and marabouts in West-Africa. [ [] Interview by Radiofrance, section Serge et Nine MOATI, reportage] Because of this and other comic books, the other books where published in small quantity in the Ivory Coast, the Ivorian Ministry of Culture also accepts Groud as an important artist of the 21st Century. [ [] Ministère de le Culture de Côte d'Ivoire: La Creation Platique en Côte d'Ivoire]

Since 2006 Groud lives as a refugee in Switzerland.

Civil involvement

In his book "Magie Noire" Groud speaks openly against the practise and political effects of black magic in Africa. [ [] Suggestions de Lectures, Magie Noire ] He believes that black magic and other traditions used to have their meaning in stabilizing the social system. In the modern Africa clinging to the old traditions would have an ill effect on the modern society leading to poverty and wars. [ [] seminary in the University of Zurich, institute of ethnology]

Groud is active against the military use of children in his homeland Ivory Coast and the world in general. He is working on the preparation of several exhibitions and writes a comic book about the topic to increase awareness on the topic. [ [] Une Bombe, Une BD de Gilbert GROUD est en préparation] One of the pictures of the exhibition he has released on creative commons license in the hope, it will be also used in fighting the use of children in the war.

The artist rejects the tradition of female genital mutilation, that was and in parts is widely practised among his people, as being harmful and against the human rights. In December 2006 the artist hosted an exhibition and party to raise funds for projects against this tradition. Especially an illustrated book aiming at the parents, explaining why this tradition is harmful. [ [] Comic gegen weibliche Beschneidung]


* Groud, Gilbert G. "Magie Noire". Albin Michel, 2003 (ISBN 2-226-13642-8)


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