Saxony (disambiguation)

Saxony (disambiguation)

:"See also: Saxon (disambiguation) or Saxonia (disambiguation) for other related terms."

Saxony may refer to several Holy Roman Empire era, German Empire or later modern German states in different locations along the "Elbe" river:

"Free State of Saxony", "Freistaat Sachsen"
* The Free State of Saxony, a federal German state in eastern Germany, recreated in 1990, also (1918–1934)
* The Kingdom of Saxony, its predecessor state (1806–1918)
* The Electorate of Saxony, its approximate predecessor (1356–1806)"Saxony-Anhalt", "Sachsen-Anhalt"
* Saxony-Anhalt, a federal German state located downstream (northwest) of the State of Saxony
* The Prussian Province of Saxony, its predecessor until 1945, ceded by the Kingdom in 1816"Lower Saxony", "Niedersachsen"
* Lower Saxony, a federal German state located on the lower Elbe, northwest of Saxony-Anhalt, roughly in the region encompassing the ancient homeland of the Saxon tribe
* The Duchy of Saxony, a medieval stem duchy (until 1180)
* Old Saxony, the origin of the Saxon and Anglo-Saxon people


Saxony or Saxe is also a part of the name of the many duchies created of the break-up from the Saxon states:
* Saxe-Lauenburg
* Saxony-Wittenberg
* The Saxon Duchies in Thuringia split off from the Electorate of Saxony after 1485
** Saxe-Altenburg
** Saxe-Coburg
** Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
** Saxe-Coburg-Eisenach
** Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
** Saxe-Eisenach
** Saxe-Eisenberg
** Saxe-Gotha
** Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg
** Saxe-Hildburghausen
** Saxe-Jena
** Saxe-Marksuhl
** Saxe-Meiningen
** Saxe-Römhild
** Saxe-Saalfeld
** Saxe-Weimar
** Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach

Other uses

*Saxony (wine region), the wine region of Saxony
*Sachsen bei Ansbach, a town in the district of Ansbach, Bavaria, Germany
*Saxony Hotel, in Miami Beach, Florida, USA
*Saxony Mill, a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Rockville, Connecticut, USA
*Saxony yarn, a fine 3-ply yarn spun from the wool of merino sheep and dyed with natural dyes, first produced in the Kingdom of and Free State of Saxony, and later in England, France, and New England

Military usage

*Sachsen class armored frigate (1875)
** SMS Sachsen (1877), the lead ship of that class
*SMS Sachsen (1916) of the Bayern class battleship
*Sachsen class frigate, Germany's latest class of highly advanced air-defense frigates.
** Frigate Sachsen (F219), the lead ship of that class
*37th Mechanized Infantry Brigade “Free State of Saxony” of German Army's 13th Mechanized Infantry Division

ee also

* Saxons - the Saxons or Saxon people, a confederation of Old Germanic tribes, originally from northern Germany
* Old Saxony - on the ancient homeland of the Saxons
* Duchy of Saxony - on the historically influential late Middle Ages Stem duchy
* Electorate of Saxony - the more commonly used name for the late middle ages and early modern era duchy of Saxony; the predecessor of the kingdom
* History of Saxony
* Kingdom of Saxony - (German: "Königreich Sachsen"), post-Napoleonic state lasting between 1806 and 1918
* Rulers of Saxony
* Saxo Grammaticus
* Romkerhall - How the short lived kingdom of Hanover lived on and was resurrected for a time because of a Saxon princess until 1988

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