caption=Art by Bret Blevins
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="New Mutants" vol. 1 #56 (Oct 1987)
creators=Louise Simonson and June Brigman
alliances=New Mutants
aliases=Bird Boy

Bird-Brain is a fictional character, a superhero from Marvel Comics.

Publication history

Bird-Brain first appeared in "New Mutants" vol. 1 #55 (September 1987), and was first fully seen in "New Mutants" vol. 1 #56 (October 1987). Bird-Brain was created by Louise Simonson and June Brigman.

The character subsequently appears in "The New Mutants" #57-61 (November 1987-March 1988).

Bird-Brain received an entry in the "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89" #1.

Fictional character biography

Bird-Brain was one of a number of "Ani-Mates", creatures created by an insane geneticist named the Ani-Mator, combining the characteristics of human beings and other animals. The Ani-Mator subjected his creations to a number of cruel and deadly experiments, but Bird-Brain escaped the Ani-Mator's island and befriended the New Mutants. They tried to acclimate him to regular society, which failed miserably time and again. Mainly because Bird-Brain would eat all the food he saw. Some of the New Mutants theorized that he had been mistreated and that food was a reward for being good. For a while, Bird-Brain was unable to communicate, despite the language powers of the New Mutant named Cypher AKA Doug Ramsey. This was mostly because of Doug being jealous of the attention Wolfsbane was paying to Bird-Brain. Examples, such as Bird-Brain's sense of humour, failed to sway him at first.

When Doug finally agreed to translate Bird-Brain's language, they learned of his history and the other mutated creatures on the island. The New Mutants returned to the island with Bird-Brain to stop the mad scientist's experiments. The Ani-Mator, attempting to shoot Wolfsbane, instead killed Cypher. Magik exiled the Ani-Mator to the dimension of Limbo in retailiation. Once freed from the Ani-Mator's tyranny, Bird-Brain decided to remain on the island with the other Ani-Mates.

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