Shangra-la Mission

Shangra-la Mission

The Shangra-la Mission was founded in 2002 by Lorraine and Kim Michaels, prior members of The Summit Lighthouse. Their followers believe they are the next anointed Messengers for the Ascended Masters and the Great White Brotherhood after the retirement of the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet of The Summit Lighthouse.

The Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters are believed to be part of a larger group of Cosmic Beings who comprise the organization of the Great White Brotherhood. In the Piscean Age dispensation, the Ascended Masters (also known as the "Masters") have sponsored several organizations, most notably Theosophy, Agni Yoga Society, The "I AM" Movement, The Bridge to Freedom, and The Summit Lighthouse. Many of the Shangra-la followers have belonged to these past sponsored organizations, moving forward with each newly sponsored organization as their Messengers have taken their ascensions or retired and the Masters have begun a new dispensation. In these prior dispensations, the Masters have taught progressive concepts of reincarnation and balancing your karma through the use of the violet flame. As well as the understanding of your I AM Presence, the Holy Christ Self, twin flames, soul retrieval and the ascension. The students believe each organization the Masters have brought out higher and more advanced teachings for their students and to help all mankind. And that the Masters are bridging the Piscean Age teachings (sponsored by Jesus), released through the last century and their sponsored activities, to the Aquarian Age (sponsored by Saint Germain) through new concepts given through their sponsored Messengers. They are teaching their students the concepts of the inner path and its enemy the human ego creation, the use of the Miracle Freedom Rosaries, Being retrieval, "I AM" THAT "I AM" twin flames, and being one with I AM THAT I AM.

The Ascended Master Aquarian Age Dispensation

Unlike prior dispensations, the Shangra-la Mission dispensation is founded on not acquiring members but in distributing worldwide the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. The Aquarian Age is known as the Age of Freedom and possibly one of the greatest tools for freedom of speech we have acquired in this Age is the internet. Since 2002, the Shangra-la Mission has created four websites to accommodate the distribution of the Aquarian Age Teachings from the Ascended Masters geared to various levels of religious and spiritual beliefs. Materials on the websites have been translated into nine languages. Their publishing company has released eleven books written by their Messengers, some translated into foreign languages, as well as a large body of New Age rosaries they claim is delivered from Mother Mary. Classes have been given on how to develop your own inner communications and intuition over the New Age technology VoIP communication Skype. Group rosaries sessions are given together from students around the world over Skype. Teachings of the Ascended Masters classes are studied together over Skypecast or broadcast over Internet radio. Several times a year Ascended Master students gather together at different locations around the world to hear the Masters speak through their Messengers and release teachings applicable to this day and age.

The Shangra-la Ascended Master Websites

*"Shangra-la Mission" - Created in 2003, this is the official website of the new teachings of the Ascended Masters for the Aquarian Age. Shangra-la does not claim to be a church or a religion. They are simply an organization created for the dissemination of the Masters' teachings.

*"Ask Real Jesus" - Created in 2002 and claiming to be sponsored by the Ascended Master Jesus, this website is a compilation of hundreds of questions to the Master Jesus and his personal answers through his Messenger. There is a large body of teachings said to be from the Master Jesus on current affairs, his life, mission and purpose, as well as discourses on subjects such as the human ego.

*"Mother Mary's Garden" - Created in 2004 claiming to be under the sponsorship of the mother of Jesus, Mary. Ascended Master students fondly call her "Mother Mary". It was in the fall of 2003 that Mary is said to have given her first New Age rosary through her messenger, Kim Michaels. As of the fall of 2006, Mary is said to have released thirty-one rosaries given for the advancement and acceleration for spiritual students of all faiths.

*"Maitreya's Sphere of Oneness" - Created in 2006 said to be under the sponsorship of Lord Maitreya, this website is created for Ascended Masters students to "Be the More". Lord Maitreya is said to have inaugurated "Maitreya's Sphere of Oneness" as a spiritual organization in his New Year's address 2005-06. Here they may study the higher concepts of Being, Being Retrieval, I AM THAT I AM twin flames and more, delivered through the messenger, Lorraine Michaels. This website is for committed students who want to put the expression of their Being into action. Writing contributions from the students on advanced teachings are encouraged.

Published Books by More To Life Publishing

More to Life Publishing was founded in the early 90's, the publishing company took off when the technology of print on demand was created. Since 2003, eleven books have been written and self-published by the Messengers. As of the fall of 2006, the publishing company has printed and sold thousands of books, pamphlets and CD's. The books are a compilation of teachings on healing, psychology, the inner path, Christianity and the Ascended Masters' Teaching. Some of the books are claimed to be dictated through the Messenger from the Masters and are their direct words spoken to their students, such as in "The Christ is Born in You" from Jesus and "Save Your Planet" from Mother Mary.

*"The Christ is Born in You"
*"The Inner Path of Light"
*"I am a Thinking Christian"
*"Save Yourself"
*"The Jesus Koans"
*"Save Your Planet"
*"Beyond Religious Conflict"
*"The Secret Coming"
*"Master Keys to the Abundant Life"
*"Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom"
*"Master Keys to Personal Christhood"
*"The Way"
*"The Least You Should Know About Life"
*"The Art of Non-war"

Mother Mary's Freedom Rosaries

Mother Mary's Freedom Rosaries are freely distributed on the website "Mother Mary's Garden". Several rosaries are released on CD for reciting together. Some of Mother Mary's Freedom Rosaries are:

*"Mother Mary's Miracle Rosary" - Mother Mary's special gift for the turning back of earth changes as well as for the resolution of personal issues.
*"Mother Mary's East-West Rosary" - A very powerful ritual for clearing toxic energies on a personal and planetary scale, thereby restoring a balanced energy flow. Also calls for the retrieval of lost soul fragments and for their reintegration to restore the wholeness of your soul.
*"Mother Mary's Miracle Peace Rosary" - Mother Mary's rosary for creating world peace by restoring the proper balance between the expanding and contracting forces of the Father-Mother God.
*"Miracle Gratitude Rosary" - Mother Mary's tool for manifesting abundance in your personal life and for counteracting the force of terrorism.
*"Miracle Forgiveness Rosary" - Mother Mary's rosary for breaking the spiral of anger and revenge that has been reinforced on this planet for thousands of years. Also a powerful tool for securing your own spiritual freedom.
*"Unconditional Love Rosary" - A very powerful rosary designed to help you consume all forces of anti-love in your being and on the Earth and reconnect to the first love for your I AM Presence and for God's ever-flowing stream of life.
*"Miracle Acceptance Rosary" - This rosary was released by Mother Mary for the specific purpose of helping people accept the kingdom of God manifest in their personal lives and on planet Earth.
*"Miracle Oneness Rosary" - A special rosary for attaining or expanding your awareness of your spiritual self, the spiritual realm and God.
*"Mother Mary’s Miracle Rosary for Children" - This rosary is a variation of the Miracle Rosary that is specifically for children.
*"Archangel Michael's Rosary" - An incredibly powerful ritual for invoking spiritual protection for yourself, others and for the Earth. Specifically given to help us change the world by giving Archangel Michael and his billions of Blue-flame Angels the authority to remove all darkness from our personal lives and from the planet as a whole.
*"Mother Mary’s Miracle Healing Rosary for Disasters" - A rosary given specifically to heal the victims of all types of disasters, so they can move on and rebuild their lives, communities and nations.
*"Rosary for Clearing the Heart" - A powerful rosary for clearing the heart and the energy center that is the spiritual heart. This center is the starting point of all your thoughts, feelings and actions and thus the condition of your heart colors every aspect of your life.


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Guardians of the Mother Light

On July Fourth, 2005, the Master Saint Germain is said to have given a dictation through Kim Michaels, where he inaugurated an outer branch of the Great White Brotherhood to come together from across the globe to share each others wisdom in raising the Mother Light. This is the only membership branch of the Shangra-la Mission. A small membership fee of $1.00 per month is the only outer requirement to close the circle where the disciple gives from below for that which he receives from Above.

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