Borgohain (Ahom language: Chao Thao Lung) was the second of the two original counsellors in the Ahom kingdom. He was selected by the Ahom king from members of the Ahom nobility (Satgharia Ahom), who was not eligible for the position of Ahom kingship. The other original counsellor is the Burhagohain. Both the positions existed from the time of the first Ahom king, Sukaphaa. The Borgohain administered the region south of the Dikhow river to Koliabor.

List of Borgohains

  • Thao Mong Kang Ngan
  • ...
  • Ta-Phi-Khun
  • Ta-Phi-Kun
  • Tya-Tan-Bin
  • ...
  • Phra-Sheng-Mong Borgohain
  • Kali-Kham
  • Ton-Kham Borgohain
  • Kham-Shen Borgohain
  • Khampet Borgohain
  • Guimela Borgohain
  • Piling Borgohain
  • Leshai Borgohain
  • Banrukia Langisong Borgohain
  • Sengmun Borgohain
  • Laluk Borgohain
  • ...
  • Jabang Borgohain
  • Madurial Laithapana Borgohain
  • Kamalakanta Borgohain
  • Harinath Borgohain
  • Thanunath Borgohain
  • ...
  • Dihingia Khamchang Borgohain
  • Khamcheng Borgohain
  • Numali Brogohain
  • Madurial Barjana Borgohain
  • Bailung Borgohain
  • Madurial Bishnunarayan Borgohain
  • Madurial Nirbhoynarayan Borgohain
  • Gangaram Borgohain
  • Narahari Borgohain
  • ...


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