Automatic sequence

Automatic sequence

An automatic sequence is an infinite word characterized by a finite automaton. There are two equivalent definitions.

Automaton point of view

Let "q" be an integer, and "A"=("E",φ,"e") be a deterministic automaton where
*"E" is the finite set of states
*φ : "E"× [0,"q"-1] →"E" is the transition function
*ein E is the initial statealso let "A" be a finite set, and π:"E"→"A" a projection towards "A".

For each "n", take "m"("n") = π(φ("e",n')) where n' is "n" written in base "q". Then the sequence "m" = "m"(1)"m"(2)"m"(3)... is called a "q"-automatic sequence.

ubstitution point of view

Let σ be a morphism of the free monoid "E"* with sigma(E)subseteq E^q, and ein E such that σ("e") begins by "e". Let also be "A" and π as before. Then if m' is a fixpoint of σ, that is to say m' = σ(m'), then "m" = π(m') is a "q"-automatic sequence over "A".


The Thue-Morse sequence is automatic: take "E"="A"={0,1}, "e"=0, π=id, and σ such that σ(0)=01, σ(1)=10; we get the fixpoint 01101001100101101001011001101001... , which is in fact the Thue-Morse word.

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