Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning

Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning

The Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning has been awarded since 1922 for a distinguished cartoon or portfolio of cartoons published during the year, characterized by originality, editorial effectiveness, quality of drawing, and pictorial effect. The Pulitzer Committee issues an official citation explaining the reasons for the award.

List of winners and their official citations

* 2008: Michael Ramirez of "Investor's Business Daily", for "his provocative cartoons that rely on originality, humor and detailed artistry."
* 2007: Walt Handelsman of "Newsday", "for his stark, sophisticated cartoons and his impressive use of zany animation."
* 2006: Mike Luckovich of "Atlanta Journal-Constitution", "for his powerful cartoons on an array of issues, drawn with a simple but piercing style."
* 2005: Nick Anderson, "Courier-Journal", Louisville, "for his unusual graphic style that produced extraordinarily thoughtful and powerful messages."
* 2004: Matt Davies, "Journal News (White Plains, New York)", "for his piercing cartoons on an array of topics, drawn with a fresh, original style."
* 2003: David Horsey, "Seattle Post-Intelligencer", "for his perceptive cartoons executed with a distinctive style and sense of humor."
* 2002: Clay Bennett, "Christian Science Monitor"
* 2001: Ann Telnaes, "Los Angeles Times Syndicate"
* 2000: Joel Pett, "Lexington Herald-Leader"
* 1999: David Horsey, "Seattle Post-Intelligencer"
* 1998: Stephen P. Breen, "Asbury Park Press"
* 1997: Walt Handelsman, "Times-Picayune"
* 1996: Jim Morin, "Miami Herald"
* 1995: Mike Luckovich, "Atlanta Constitution"
* 1994: Michael Ramirez, "The Commercial Appeal", "for his trenchant cartoons on contemporary issues."
* 1993: Stephen R. Benson, "Arizona Republic"
* 1992: Signe Wilkinson, "Philadelphia Daily News"
* 1991: Jim Borgman, "Cincinnati Enquirer"
* 1990: Tom Toles, "The Buffalo News", "for his work during the year as exemplified by the cartoon 'First Amendment.'"
* 1989: Jack Higgins, "Chicago Sun-Times"
* 1988: Doug Marlette, "Atlanta Constitution" and "Charlotte Observer"
* 1987: Berke Breathed, "Washington Post Writers Group"
* 1986: Jules Feiffer, "The Village Voice"
* 1985: Jeff MacNelly, "Chicago Tribune"
* 1984: Paul Conrad, "Los Angeles Times"
* 1983: Richard Locher, "Chicago Tribune"
* 1982: Ben Sargent, "Austin American-Statesman"
* 1981: Mike Peters, "Dayton Daily News (Dayton, Ohio)"
* 1980: Don Wright, "Miami News"
* 1979: Herbert Lawrence Block, "Washington Post", "for the body of his work."
* 1978: Jeff MacNelly, "Richmond News Leader"
* 1977: Paul Szep, "Boston Globe"
* 1976: Tony Auth, "The Philadelphia Inquirer", "for 'O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain,' published on July 22, 1975."
* 1975: Garry Trudeau, "Universal Press Syndicate", "for his cartoon strip Doonesbury."
* 1974: Paul Szep, "Boston Globe" "for his editorial cartooning during 1973."
* 1973: no award given
* 1972: Jeff MacNelly, "Richmond News-Leader" "for his editorial cartooning during 1971."
* 1971: Paul Conrad, "Los Angeles Times" "for his editorial cartooning during 1970."
* 1970: Thomas F. Darcy, "Newsday", "for his editorial cartooning during 1969."
* 1969: John Fischetti, "Chicago Daily News", "for his editorial cartooning in 1968."
* 1968: Eugene Gray Payne, "Charlotte Observer", "for his editorial cartooning in 1967."
* 1967: Patrick B. Oliphant, "The Denver Post", "for 'They Won't Get Us To The Conference Table . . . Will They?' published February 1, 1966."
* 1966: Don Wright, "Miami News", "for 'You Mean You Were Bluffing?'"
* 1965: no award given
* 1964: Paul Conrad, "The Denver Post", "for his editorial cartooning during the past year."
* 1963: Frank Miller, "Des Moines Register", "for a cartoon which showed a world destroyed with one ragged figure calling to another: 'I said we sure settled that dispute, didn't we!'"
* 1962: Edmund S. Valtman, "Hartford Times", "for 'What You Need, Man, Is a Revolution Like Mine,' published on August 31, 1961."
* 1961: Carey Orr, "Chicago Tribune", "for 'The Kindly Tiger,' published on October 8, 1960."
* 1960: no award given
* 1959: William H. (Bill) Mauldin, "St. Louis Post-Dispatch", "for I won the Nobel Prize for Literature. What was your crime?' published on October 30, 1958."
* 1958: Bruce M. Shanks, "Buffalo Evening News", "for 'The Thinker,' published on August 10, 1957, depicting the dilemma of union membership when confronted by racketeering leaders in some labor unions."
* 1957: Tom Little, "Nashville Tennessean", "for 'Wonder Why My Parents Didn't Give Me Salk Shots?' published on January 12, 1956."
* 1956: Robert York, "Louisville Times", "for his cartoon, 'Achilles' showing a bulging figure of American prosperity tapering to a weak heel labeled 'Farm Prices.'"
* 1955: Daniel R. Fitzpatrick, "St. Louis Post-Dispatch", "for a cartoon published on June 8, 1954 entitled, 'How Would Another Mistake Help?' showing Uncle Sam, bayoneted rifle in hand, pondering whether to wade into a black marsh bearing the legend 'French Mistakes in Indo-China.' The award is also given for distinguished body of the work of Mr. Fitzpatrick in both 1954 and his entire career."
* 1954: Herbert Lawrence Block (Herblock), "Washington Post and Times-Herald", "for a cartoon depicting the robed figure of Death saying to Stalin after he died, 'You Were Always A Great Friend of Mine, Joseph.'"
* 1953: Edward D. Kuekes, "Cleveland Plain Dealer", "for 'Aftermath.'"
* 1952: Fred L. Packer, "New York Mirror", "for 'Your Editors Ought to Have More Sense Than to Print What I Say!'"
* 1951: Reg (Reginald W.) Manning, "Arizona Republic", "for 'Hats.'"
* 1950: James T. Berryman, "Evening Star (Washington D.C.)", "for 'All Set for a Super-Secret Session in Washington.'"
* 1949: Lute Pease, "Newark Evening News", "for 'Who Me?'"
* 1948: Reuben L. Goldberg, "New York Sun", "for 'Peace Today.'"
* 1947: Vaughn Shoemaker, "Chicago Daily News", "for his cartoon, 'Still Racing His Shadow.'"
* 1946: Bruce Alexander Russell, "Los Angeles Times", "for 'Time to Bridge That Gulch.'"
* 1945: Sergeant Bill Mauldin, "United Features Syndicate", "for distinguished service as a cartoonist, as exemplified by the cartoon entitled, 'Fresh, spirited American troops, flushed with victory, are bringing in thousands of hungry, ragged, battle-weary prisoners,' in the series entitled, 'Up Front With Mauldin.'"
* 1944: Clifford K. Berryman, "Evening Star (Washington D.C.)", "for 'Where Is the Boat Going?'"
* 1943: Jay Norwood "Ding" Darling, "Des Moines Register and Tribune", "for 'What a Place For a Waste Paper Salvage Campaign.'"
* 1942: Herbert Lawrence Block (Herblock), "NEA service", "for 'British Plane'"
* 1941: Jacob Burck, "Chicago Times", "for 'If I Should Die Before I Wake.'"
* 1940: Edmund Duffy, "Baltimore Sun", "for 'The Outstretched Hand.'"
* 1939: Charles G. Werner, "Daily Oklahoman", "for 'Nomination for 1938.'"
* 1938: Vaughn Shoemaker, "Chicago Daily News", "for 'The Road Back.'"
* 1937: C. D. Batchelor, "New York Daily News", "for 'Come on in, I'll treat you right. I used to know your Daddy.'"
* 1936: no award given
* 1935: Ross A. Lewis, "Milwaukee Journal", "for 'Sure, I'll Work for Both Sides.'"
* 1934: Edmund Duffy, "Baltimore Sun", "for 'California Points with Pride!'"
* 1933: H. M. Talburt, "Washington Daily News", "for 'The Light of Asia.'"
* 1932: John T. McCutcheon, "Chicago Tribune", "for 'A Wise Economist Asks a Question.'"
* 1931: Edmund Duffy, "Baltimore Sun", "for 'An Old Struggle Still Going On.'"
* 1930: Charles R. Macauley, "Brooklyn Daily Eagle", "for 'Paying for a Dead Horse.'"
* 1929: Rollin Kirby, "New York World", "for 'Tammany.'"
* 1928: Nelson Harding, "Brooklyn Daily Eagle", "for 'May His Shadow Never Grow Less.'"
* 1927: Nelson Harding, "Brooklyn Daily Eagle", "for 'Toppling the Idol.'"
* 1926: D. R. Fitzpatrick, "St. Louis Post-Dispatch", "for 'The Laws of Moses and the Laws of Today.'"
* 1925: Rollin Kirby, "New York World", "for 'News from the Outside World.'"
* 1924: Jay Norwood "Ding" Darling, "Des Moines Register and Tribune", "for 'In Good Old USA.'"
* 1923: no award given
* 1922: Rollin Kirby, "New York World", "for 'On the Road to Moscow.'"


* [http://www.pulitzer.org/bycat/Editorial+Cartooning Editorial Cartooning Winners and Finalists]

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