Higa Middle School

Higa Middle School

is one of the schools in the manga/anime Prince of Tennis, originally from the island of Okinawa. The members of the tennis team have a rather bad attitude by tennis standards, and aren't afraid of using nasty methods to win. The school's coach is Harumi Saotome, who directly encourages and mostly likely began the on-court violence.

Tennis members

Eishirou Kite (木手永四郎)

Eishirou Kite is the captain of the Higa Chuu team. His nickname is "Killer"/"the Hitman". The Rikkai Dai team knows a lot about him, and Genichirou Sanada, Rikkai Dai's vice captain, is well aware of Kite's strength and skills.

Since Kite's first year at Higa Chuu, he has collected martial arts prodigies for his team and taught them the incredible move "Shukuchihou" a technique based on martial arts. Thanks to this technique the user is giving the opponent the impression that the user is able to approach the net or baseline in one step. It is mentioned that all of his team look up to him: this is most likely due to his determination to bring Higa as far as possible in the tournament to give Okinawa national recognition.

Kite himself has an aggressive play style and can quickly figure out and target the opponent' s weaknesses. He's also is able of using the Big Bang serve. When Kite joined the Kyuushuu Tournament, he was noted for defeating all the aces there and was nicknamed the Hitman.

Kite is a rather calm and polite youth, but during matches and in the surroundings of his rivals, his more aggressive side shows up. He doesn't actively like the Higa team's methods of hurting people and taunting opponents, but neither does he forbid it - and if needed, he'll also use them. When Higa's coach Saotome Harumi says that he will abandon the team for losing four sets, for example, Kite slams a ball into the coach's stomach to make him sit down again.

In the sim "Umibe no Secret", it's pointed out that Kite remains composed and polite in front of other teams, yet is extremely condescending towards them, and if physically attacked he won't hesitate to strike back. That's shown in the interaction with Jin Akutsu from Yamabuki, where he taunts Akutsu more or less directly ands later punches him in the stomach. If some requirements are met, the main girl (default name Ayaka Tsujimoto) will be injured when she attempts to stop the fight and hurls herself between Akutsu and Kite to do so; this will prompt a rather sincere apology from Kite, who never expected that to happen.

Kite is Seishun Gakuen captain Kunimitsu Tezuka's first opponent in the Nationals. Kite starts the match with winning two to zero in the OVA) by using the "Shukuchihou". Tezuka then reveals his "Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami", and Kite is unable to catch up to it. Desperate, he swipes sand in Tezuka's direction with his racquet, but Tezuka avoids it by imitating Kite's "Shukuchihou". Tezuka wins and Higa Chuu has to leave the Nationals with no sets won in the second round.

In the Prince of Tennis Musicals, Kite is portrayed by Luke C.. His birthday is the 9th of November- which makes him one of the younger members of the team- he is 179cm tall, and he weighs 72kg.

"Special Moves/Shots"

;Big Bang:An incredible strong serve that takes a lot of stamina and power to use. Most players can't return this amazing power serve.

;Habu:Kite enters the stance of a smash, but the difference is that when it bounces it curves randomly making it difficult to return. Since the stance of Habu and smash looks the exact same it is hard to know what kind of shot Kite will use.

Yuujirou Kai (甲斐裕次郎)

Kai is one of the more childish members of the Higa team, as seen by his occasionally cocky nature and tendency to be brash and impulsive. Despite this, he is both the vice-captain and one of the oldest in the team. Although gouya (bitter melon) is a dish often connected with Okinawa, he is one of two members of the team who openly dislikes it.

During the match against Rokkaku Chuu's Saeki Kojirou, he was the first to exhibit the use of the violent playstyle directed by their coach: he aims a shot towards their coach (Oji), sending him to the hospital. Later on, Kai is Eiji Kikumaru's opponent in Singles 2. When they meet at the net and during their match, Kai questions Kikumaru as his opponent, knowing that he's more of a doubles player than a singles one. Because of Kikumaru's knowledge about how to seal "Shukuchihou" from the match between Kai and Saeki, the former easily takes the first few games.

However, Kai reveals that he's actually left-handed and can use the racket with a reverse grip. This change increases his advantage dramatically as he can use his special technique "Viking Horn". But thanks to Kikumaru's "Seal Step" he lost to Kikumaru with the score of 6-7.

In the Prince of Tennis Musicals, Kai is portrayed by Hijiri Shinotani.In the Nationals OVA, Kai is voiced by Daisuke Nakamura. His birthday is the 27th of August, he is 175cm tall, and he weighs 63kg.

"Special Moves/Shots"

; Viking Horn: A powerful shot that first seems to go either left or right and then flies at the opposite side. Kai can only use this technique when he's holding his racket backwards.

Hiroshi Chinen (知念 寛)

Chinen is the tallest player in Higa Chuu and is first introduced against Rokkaku Chuus' captain Aoi Kentaro. Chinen easily defeats Aoi with 6-0. Chinen is the scariest-looking member of the team and likes to mock his opponent. He's also very impatient, liking to finish matches quickly, but even then he can take his losses rather calmly. He is also perceptive, noticing in the match with Tanishi and Ryoma that Ryoma's Drive B was enough for Ryoma to not let his racket get knocked away.

Chinen switches between singles and doubles, and teams up with Rin Hirakoba against Shusuke Fuji and Takashi Kawamura of Seigaku.

In the Prince of Tennis Musicals, Chinen is portrayed by Takeshi Hayashino. In the OVAs he is voiced by Kazuya Sueyoshi. His birthday is the 29th of June, he is 193cm tall, and he weighs 60kg. He is the treasurer of the tennis club.

Kei Tanishi (田仁志 慧)

Tanishi is the Singles 3 player from Higa Chuu and Ryoma Echizen's first opponent at Nationals. Although he possesses a big body rather like a Sumo wrestler, Tanishi has great ability on the tennis courts. He is also violent and impulsive, and gets angry easily.

Echizen knows how to seal "Shukuchihou" , but still has a tough time thanks to Tanishi's "Big Bang" serve (which Tanishi is able to use due to his monstrous strength). In the end, however, Tanishi runs out of stamina, and Ryoma is able to return the Big Bang Serve.

In the Prince of Tennis Musicals, Tanishi is portrayed by Yutaka Matsuzaki. His birthday is the 23rd of October, he is 193cm tall, and he weighs 106kg.

"Special Moves/Shots"

;Big Bang : An incredibly strong serve that takes a lot of stamina and power to use. Done by jumping in the air and using the weight of the body and gravity to add speed and power to the serve.

Rin Hirakoba (平古場凛)

Hirakoba is the only Higa Chuu member who likes fair play, although he still shows some occasional signs of cockiness towards his opponents. Hirakoba teams up with Hiroshi Chinen in Doubles 2, and he also has the incredible "Habu" technique. He is the other member of Higa who dislikes gouya, to the extent that Kite uses it as a (possibly joking) threat against him and Kai if they begin to annoy him.

When Higa Chuu's coach, Saotome Harumi, shows his "thumbs down", Hirakoba is supposed to aim his "Habu" at the opponent's coach. Luckily for Seigaku coach Ryuzaki, Kawamura saves her at the last second. When Saotome shows it once again, Hirakoba ignores it and makes a normal smash. Saotome gets angry at Hirakoba for disobeying him, but Hirakoba tells him to shut up as the match is interesting and he wants to play his own style. However, the "Habu" is eventually returned by Fuji's new Fourth Counter, "Kagerou Zutsumi", and also by Kawamura's Hadokyuu.

In the "Umibe no Secret" game, Hirakoba is portrayed as being the "kid" of the team, and it's revealed that he mostly plays doubles with Chinen to control his stage fright. He can also be as polite yet as condescending as Kite when speaking to others; at some point, he and Akutsu also punch each other, taking the intervention of the main girl to stop them. He also sometimes refers to Kite by his first name, which Kite hates and tries to counter by threatening to make him eat gouya.

In the 40.5 fanbook it's also shown that he's quite vain about his looks as well as aesthetically sensitive, spending money on hairdressers and saying his favorite type of girl is one who has good fashion sense.

In the Prince of Tennis Musicals, Hirakoba is portrayed by Yasuka Saito. In the Nationals ovas he is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino. His birthday is the 3rd of March, he is 172cm tall, and he weighs 54kg.

"Special Moves/Shots"

;Habu:Hirakoba enters the stance of a smash, but the difference is that when it bounces it curves like a spiral, making it difficult to return. Since the stance of Habu and smash looks the exact same, it is hard to know what kind of shot Hirakoba will use.

;Giant Habu: A upgrade of Habu. This shot is better since the ball begins to curve immediately after leaving the racket. The downside of this is that it can only be used once per match. After that, his hand becomes numb and he can no longer pull out the Habu normally.

Tomoya Shiranui

Shiranui teams up with Aragaki in Doubles 1 against Kaidoh Kaoru and Inui Sadaharu. Not much is known about him, other than he and Aragaki grew up together under the Okinawan sun and therefore has very high endurance.

Unlike the other Higa Chuu members, Shiranui can't use the "Shukuchihou" technique. Kaidoh finishes the match alone without Inui's help thanks to his new technique, in which he concentrates all of his muscles to perform a powerful shot.

His birthday is the 15th of January, he is 179cm tall, and he weighs 75kg.

Aragaki Kouichi

Aragaki teams up with Shiranui in Doubles 1 against Kaidoh Kaoru and Inui Sadaharu. Not much is known about him either- however, just like Shiranui, Aragaki can't use the "Shukuchihou". It is Aragaki who faints during the match with Kaidoh and Inui due to heat stroke.

His birthday is the 21st of May, he is 169cm tall, and he weighs 54kg.

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