Raft (disambiguation)

Raft (disambiguation)

Raft may refer to:

*Raft, a flat floating structure for travel over water
*Raft (novel), a Stephen Baxter science fiction novel
*RAFT (chemistry), reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer
*The Raft (comics), a fictional prison facility in the Marvel Universe
*The Raft (short story), a Stephen King horror short story
*Raft spider, a European spider of the family Pisauridae
*Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT), a nonprofit organization supplying materials and ideas to teachers.

Raft, as a person, may refer to:

*George Raft (1895-1980), an American film actor

Raft, as a location, may refer to:

*Great Raft, a gigantic logjam in the Red River, Mississippi, United States
*Raft Island, a private island in the Pierce County, Washington, United States
*Raft River, a river that flows from Utah to Idaho in the United States
*The Raft, a fictional refugee flotilla in the Neal Stephenson novel Snow Crash

Raft may also refer to:

*Floating raft system, a type of foundation
*Lipid raft, a cholesterol-enriched microdomain in cell membranes
*Rafting, recreational activity utilizing a raft
*Remote Area Firefighting Team, firefighting specialists
*Timber rafting, a log transportation method

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