The abbreviation, acronym, or initialism MDX has several different meanings:
*Multidimensional Expressions, a query language for OLAP databases, much like SQL is a query language for relational databases
*.MDX, a 3D Model Format used by Blizzard Entertainment in games like Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne
*The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, an organization that operates and maintains toll expressways in the Miami, Florida, USA, area.
*The Acura MDX, a sport utility vehicle introduced by Honda in 2000 for the 2001 model year.
*X68000's MDX, a midi-like format that is designed to be played using the X68000's FM synth.
*Mountain Dew MDX, an energy drink launched by Mountain Dew in 2005.
*Managed DirectX, an API for working with DirectX on Microsoft's .NET platform
*"mdx" mice, a strain of mice that has a hereditory disease of the muscles caused by a mutation on the X-chromosome; it is used as a disease model for human muscular dystrophy. []
*A line of affordable Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Milling machines produced by a subsidiary of the Roland Corporation.
* Middlesex University uses the internet domain name,


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