Parisada Hindu Dharma

Parisada Hindu Dharma

Parisada Hindu Dharma ("Hinduism Society") was a major reform movement and organization that assisted in the revival of Hinduism in Indonesia . It was started in 1960 by D.R. Ida Bagus Mantra and led by Gedong Bagus Oka.


It lobbied for the rights of Hindus in Bali after Hinduism became a state sponsored religion (along with Buddhism, Islam, Protestantism, and Catholicism) in 1959. From 1960-64 it was known as "Parisada Hindu Dharma Bali"'. In 1964 however it began to stress a religious rather than regional character and changed its name to "Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia" [ [ The Struggle of the Hindu Balinese Intellectuals: Developments in Modern Hindu Thinking in Independent Indonesia] The American Oriental - Vol. 115, No. 3]

Religious Efforts

It sent out many Balinese missionairies to outlying areas like Medan [ [ Negotiating Identities - 'Hinduism' in modern Indonesia] - IIAS #17] . In 1992, the Parisada hosted the Vishva Hindu Parishad conference in Bali, indicating a building of bridges with the worldwide Hindu community [ [ World Hindu Federation Meets in Bali] Hinduism Today - Nov. 1992] .

In Politics

It is the highest religious body in Bali and is given an official sanction by the government to look maters of Hindu law. The PHDI in this manner has become a rallying organization for the preservation of Hindu customs. [ [ RELIGION] -]

The PHD has contested Indoneisa's demographic counts, saying that the 6,501,680 count (given by the government of Indonesia) grossly undercounts the Hindu population, [ U.S. Department of State Annual Report on International Religious Freedom for 2006 - Indonesia - September 2006] US State Department] staing that it is closer to 18 million [ [ Indonesia International Religious Freedom Report 2005] - US State Department]

On Law

The Parisada has lobbied for building restrictions near temples and places of worship in Bali [ [ The McDonaldisation of Bali] Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy - Murdoch University]

Major Figures

*Gedong Bagus Oka - Creator
*Ketut Wiana - Balinese religious figure
*Putu Sukreta Suranta - Indonesian Liutenant General - former heads of PHDI


External links

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