Bolinao language

Bolinao language

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name=Bolinao language
region=Bolinao, Anda
speakers=~50,000 [ [ Ethnologue report for language code:smk ] ]
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agency=Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino
(Commission on the Filipino Language)
The Bolinao language (Bolinao: "Binu-Bolinao") is spoken primarily in the Pangasinense municipality of Anda and the town of Bolinao. It has approximately 50,000 speakers (Ethnologue 1990), making it the second most widely spoken Sambalic language.


Bolinao has 21 phonemes: 16 consonants and five vowels. Syllable structure is relatively simple. Each syllable contains at least a consonant and a vowel.


Bolinao has five vowels. They are:
*IPA|/a/ an open front unrounded vowel similar to English "father"
*IPA|/ə/ (written as ) a mid central vowel pronounced as in English "telephone"
*IPA|/i/ a close front unrounded vowel similar to English "machine"
*IPA|/o/ a close-mid back rounded vowel similar to English "forty"
*IPA|/u/ a Close back rounded vowel similar to English "flute"There are six main diphthongs: IPA|/aɪ/, IPA|/əɪ/, IPA|/oɪ/, IPA|/uɪ/, IPA|/aʊ/, and IPA|/iʊ/.


Below is a chart of Bolinao consonants. All the stops are unaspirated. The velar nasal occurs in all positions including at the beginning of a word.

Philippine national proverb

The Philippine national proverb [ [ National Philippine Proverb in Various Philippine Languages ] ] “He who does not acknowledge his beginnings will not reach his destination,” translated into Bolinao and followed by the original in Tagalog:
*Bolinao: “Si [tawon] kai magtanda’ lumingap sa nangibwatan [na] , kai ya mirate’ sa keen [na] .”
*Tagalog: “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makararating sa paroroonan.”

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*Languages of the Philippines


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* [] , website dedicated to the preservation of the Bolinao language, featuring a downloadable dictionary and introductory lessons

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