Infobox Single
Name = Touchy!

Artist = a-ha
from Album = Stay on These Roads
B-side = Hurry Home
Released = 15th August 1988
Format = 7", 12", Cd
Recorded = 1988
Genre = Synthpop
New Wave
Alternative rock
Length = 4:33
Label =
Writer =
Producer =
Certification =
Chart position =
* #1 Poland,
* #2 Japan,
* #5 France,
* #5 Spain,
* #8 Norway,
* #11 Sweden,
* #11 UK,
* #11 Germany
Last single = "The Blood That Moves the Body"
This single = "Touchy!"
Next single = "You Are the One"

Touchy! is the third single to be released by a-ha from the Stay on These Roads Album



* Side A, Touchy!
* Side B, Hurry Home


* Side A, Touchy! (Go Go Mix)
* Side B, Hurry Home


* Track 1, Touchy!
* Track 2, Hurry Home
* Track 3, Hunting High & Low



Director: Kevin Moloney

This video was filmed in Deauville and Paris, France. One of the few ‘happy' a-ha songs, fans have mixed reviews over its detour from the typical melancholic nature of the band's music. The video features synchronized swimming, which was a recently added Olympic sport at that point. Songwriting credits for ‘Touchy!' go to all three band members.

Chart positions

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