* Shrub, a type of woody plant, smaller than normal trees
*The Bush, a term used in several countries for rural, undeveloped land or country areas
**The Bush (Alaska)
*Bushcraft, a popular term for wilderness survival skills
*Bush (mechanical), a mechanical fixing designed to minimize wear between moving parts, or for providing a strengthened fixing point such as in the suspension of a car or other vehicle
* Bush baby, or galago, a small nocturnal primate
* A slang term for pubic hair


Members of the United States political Bush family

* James Smith Bush (1825–1889), father of
** Samuel P. Bush (1863–1948), father of
*** Prescott Bush (1895–1972), U.S. Senator and financier, and his children:
**** William H.T. Bush
**** George H. W. Bush, U.S. President 1989–1993, his First Lady Barbara Bush, and their children:
***** George W. Bush, U.S. President 2001–present, First Lady Laura Bush, and their twin daughters:
****** Barbara Pierce Bush
****** Jenna Bush
***** Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida 1999–2007, his wife Columba Bush, and their 3 children:
****** George P. Bush
****** Noelle Lucila Bush
****** John Ellis "Jebby" Bush, Jr.
***** Neil Bush, and his 2 children:
****** Lauren Bush
****** Pierce Bush
***** Marvin P. Bush
***** Dorothy Bush Koch
**** Jonathan Bush, and his son:
***** Billy Bush

Other people

* Alan Dudley Bush, English classical composer and pianist
* Charles P. Bush, American politician from Michigan
* Donie Bush, baseball player and manager of the early 20th century
* Geoffrey Bush, English composer
* George Washington Bush, Black pioneer settler of the Northwest, Oregon & Washington
* Grand L. Bush, American actor
* Irving T. Bush, American businessman
* John Bush (Lord Lieutenant), Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire
* John Bush (singer), rock vocalist for Armored Saint and Anthrax
* Kate Bush, English musician
* Luis Bush, American Christian strategist-activist
* Marian Spore Bush, American artist and dentist
* Percy Bush, Welsh rugby union player
* Reggie Bush, American football player
* Robert Bush — several people
*Roger Bush (1918–2000), Australian Methodist minister and media personality
* Sam Bush, American musician
* Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln, Abe Lincoln's stepmother
* Sophia Bush, American actress
* Stan Bush, American singer
* Stephen Bush, Welsh actor
* Vannevar Bush, American scientist
* William Bush (Hornblower), fictional British lieutenant from the C. S. Forrester series
* William Bush — several people


;United States
*Bush, Illinois
*Bush, Louisiana
*Bush Tower, a building in Manhattan, New York
*Original name of the Ralph Waldo Emerson House in Concord, Massachusetts

;United Kingdom
*Bush House, a building in London used by the BBC for its international broadcasting service, the World Service
*Shepherds Bush, a district of London


* Bush leagues, referring to baseball's minor leagues, or to amateurs in general


* Short for ambush, transitive verb: the highwaymen bushed the unwary tourists.

Brand names

*Bush (1916 automobile), an early American car company
*Bush Radio, one of the first British radio manufacturers; now owned by Alba
*Bush (Beer), a Belgian beer made by the Dubuisson Brewery

Media and entertainment

*"Bush Mechanics", a 2001 television documentary featuring an Indigenous Australian take on motor mechanics
*Bush (band), a popular rock band, named after the Shepherd's Bush district in London
*Bush (Canadian band), a Canadian band active in the 1970s


*USS George H. W. Bush (CVN-77), an aircraft carrier

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