Mon Calamari (planet)

Mon Calamari (planet)

In the fictional "Star Wars" universe, the planet Mon Calamari is the home planet of the Mon Calamari and the Quarren. "Mon Calamari" is the name given to the planet by humans. The native species both refer to the planet as Dac.

These two species have struggled to claim the planet. The Mon Calamari live comfortably on the surface and below although the Quarren live in the depths of the oceans. The planet looks like a blue marble from space because it is an ocean planet. The cities are like those of Kamino.

During the Clone Wars, the world was attacked twice by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. First, Count Dooku devastated the world with the Dark Reaper. Later, the Quarren Isolation League attempted to overthrow the Mon Calamari Council. However in the Republic comic line numerous Mon Calamari supported Dooku in the attack on Kamino including Merai and they said all the planet would support the CIS. No reason for this was ever given.

The Mon Calamari Cruiser, the main cruisers of Rebel Alliance / New Republic are built on Mon Calamari. An example of these ships is the great NRS "Home One", used by the Rebel Alliance in the Battle of Endor.

At the creation of the New Republic, Mon Calamari served as the temporary capital of the weak and inept government for the first two years. The Provisional Council was also located on this world and held its meetings there as well.

During the reborn Emperor's campaign, Mon Calamari was attacked by a fleet of World Devastators and only barely survived.

During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Mon Calamari was the capital of the Galactic Alliance, and was attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong but did not fall.

Prominent inhabitants

The most well-known Mon Calamari is most likely Admiral Ackbar, who rose to prominence as a member of the Rebel Alliance. Ackbar famously commanded the Rebel attack on the second Death Star at the Battle of Endor. With the entire Rebel starfleet caught in a trap set by Imperial forces, it was Ackbar strategic nous that turned certain Rebel defeat into eventual Rebel victory. Ackbar's efforts in space, combined with Han Solo and Princess Leia's success on Endor and Luke Skywalker's victory on the Death Star, inflicted a crippling blow upon the Empire and turned the tide of Galactic Civil War in favour of the Rebellion.

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