Mikhail Akhmanov

Mikhail Akhmanov

Mikhail Akhmanov ( _ru. Михаил Ахманов) is a modern Russian science fiction writer, known in Russian-speaking countries for his hard sci-fi novels, owing to his background in physics. His real name is Mikhail Nakhmanson.

List of works

*"Dick Simon" ("Дик Саймон") series
**"Wind's Shadow" ("Тень ветра") — Dick Simon is one of the few humans to be trained by the four-armed natives of the heavy-g planet Tayahat. Coupled with his special agent training, he is sent on the most perilous missions across the galaxy: capture/kill escaped prisoners, kill a general leading a civil war, uncover the long-lost history of interstellar travel, etc.
**"Earth's Shadow" ("Тень Земли") — Dick Simon is sent on his most dangerous mission ever: he must travel to Earth and find out who and why closed the planet to all interstellar travel centuries prior and, if possible, reopen it.

*"Dwellers" ("Двеллеры") series
**"The Scythians Feast at Sunset" ("Скифы пируют на закате") — Former spetsnaz Kirill Karchev never suspected, when he was hired by a company called "Rescue", that he will have to become a guide to the far worlds of the Universe. Along with the rich clients, who wish to go on dangerous trips on other planets, the guide takes part in fast-paced adventures both in the land of the brave amazons and in the mysterious and creepy world called Frir Shardis. However, Kirill's most unusual adventures take place on his homeworld — Earth, where the horrific Dwellers live in the fog.
**"Stranger Coming From Afar" ("Странник, пришедший издалека") — Ri Varrat is a space wanderer. He is a friend and ally of the Scythian who represents Earth. Both of them try to find and neutralize the mysterious aliens stealing individuality and souls from the peaceful denizens of the Universe.

*"The Trailblazer" ("Первопроходец") series
**"Inhabited Area" ("Среда обитания") — Pavel is a modern-day man who, by a twist of fate, finds himself in the far future and in another body. He sees firsthand the Era of Humiliation, when humanity willingly gave up both their memories of the past and the sunlight, leaving the surface for the dark dungeons. Pavel also sees the epoch of the bloom of the human civilization, giving them unlimited power and immortality.
**"The Libyan" ("Ливиец") — Andrey, calling himself "the Libyan", is a man of the far future, when all of humankind's problems are resolved. War, famine, disease, and aging have been eliminated. However, serene life is not for the Lybian. His favorite past-time is to send his consciousness back in time to the epochs of wars, blood, and injustice to restore the history and culture of the people of the Earth of the past.

*"The Rat Catcher" ("Крысолов") series
**"The Rat Catcher" – coma, memory loss, silent insanity, and other "nice" things await those affected by this weapon. The person who has it is invincible, a true superhuman. However, even a superman does not like to constantly be in a ring of teeth and feel a constant attention of death. Dmitry Nehoroshev, who discovered the secret of the weapon, experienced it to the fullest. He is being hunted by very large and dangerous beasts, so he has no choice but to fight. However, many paths lead to victory, and Dmitry chooses the most unusual one...
**"Jokes of a Wealthy Man" ("Шутки богача") – there is an English saying, "A rich man's jokes are always funny." Especially if the jokes is a billionaire - an owner of a paradise island in the south seas. However, for Aleksey Kargin, a former spetsnaz officer, these jokes almost turned into a tragedy. The protagonist of "The Rat Catcher" becomes involved in the story, after becoming the owner of a secret, which CIA, FSB, and the Russian Mafia all want.

*"Trevelian's Mission" ("Миссия Тревельяна") series – the novels apparently take place in the same universe as the "Arrivals from the Dark" series.
**"Envoy from the Skies" ("Посланец небес") – planet Osier was difficult to crack for the Fund for the Development of Alien Cultures. Despite having a sufficiently large population and all necessary resources, the planet is stuck on the level of Earth's Middle Ages. All attempts of the progressors to jump-start the development of civilization ended, at best, without results and, at worst, tragically. Earthlings were forced to pull out from Osier for half a century. After the 50-year break, the Fund decides to send social psychologist Ivar Trevelian to the mysterious planet. Disguised as a wandering bard, a member of the Rhapsod Brotherhood, he travels from the coast of the Pearl Sea to the capital of the Empire. However, already he understands that humans do not have all the information about the way this world works, who it really belongs to, and who decides its future...
**"The Far Saikat" ("Далекий Сайкат") – Saikat was not a heavenly place, like most planets that pique the interest of the Fund for the Development of Alien Cultures. Ivar Trevelian's next assignment promises unforgettable encounters with humanoids very similar to Earth's Neanderthals and other wonders of the planet. Despite his expectations, most surprises were not due to the prehistoric primates but his own colleagues. They were the kni'lina - humanoid but extremely unpleasant galactic neighbors. Their most distinguished features include a complete lack of a sense of humor and a painfully good memory. An intrigue worthy of Agatha Christie is taking place aboard a space station orbiting Saikat.
**"The Missing Link" ("Недостающее звено") – Ivar Trevelian, a progressor in profession and adventurer in spirit, continues his star odyssey. He should already be in Hell, or rather on Hell, a planet with a disgusting climate and a population to match - nomadic cannibals who plan to dine on the farmers beyond the mountains, and save the local undeveloped civilization. An unexpected meeting in space and the events that followed change all plans. Now Ivar has to either die or become a hero. The latter is more preferable and, as it turns out, has become a habit.

*"Kononov the Barbarian" ("Кононов Варвар") — if a writer begins to identify himself with his literary heroes, this can lead to unforeseen consequences. Kim Kononov, the creator of yet another sequel of the famous Conan the Barbarian, slowly loses the difference between fiction and reality. He begins to see the world with the eyes of Conan and to commit acts worthy of the violent Cimmerian. When an alien wanderer named Trixy begins to live in Kim's brain, giving the writer nearly unlimited physical abilities, the enemies of the Saint Petersburg intelligentsia should only be pitied.

*"Captain French, or Looking for Paradise" ("Капитан Френч, или Поиски рая") — co-authored by Christopher Nicholas Gilmore. The novel describes the future roughly 20,000 years from now. By that time, humanity has spread throughout the galaxy and made great discoveries, allowing them to stop the aging process in its tracks. However, faster-than-light travel is not possible, and journeys between stars, while taking only seconds to the traveller, last decades if not centuries to those planet-bound. Thus, travelling between systems is a costly and risky business, performed only by colonists and space traders. Captain French was the first human to travel to another star. He also became the first space trader and retains a legendary status throughout human worlds. He has seen many things: empires rising and falling, entire planetary populations wiped out by war, comets, and misguided science. His life's quest, however, is to find that one perfect world to call his own Paradise.

*"Pharaoh's Guard" ("Страж фараона") – Semion Rataisky, a Saint Petersburg sculptor, gets invited by his college friend Kerim to Hasavurt to build statues of local nouveau riches. However, Kerim tricked Semion and sold him into slavery. In a fit of rage towards his owner, Semion grabs an anvil... and falls into the chasm of time. Ancient Egypt - the nation of priests and warriors. Intrigues, plots, and coups. The rule of the beautiful Hatshepsut. The fascinating story of our contemporary, who managed to get from desert sands to the greenstone steps of the royal throne, from slavery to the love of the Egyptian Queen.

*"Filibusterer" ("Флибустьер")

*"Assyrian Tanks at the Gates of Memphis" ("Ассирийские танки у врат Мемфиса")

*"Soldier of Fortune" ("Солдат удачи") – not every soldier can say that the whimsical Lady Luck favors him. However, Dart, a fearless scout and an envoy from a dying race of Anhabs, is definitely her favorite. Dart deservedly carries the title of Twice Born. In both of his lives, be it on the streets of night Paris or in the jungles of planets far away, he came out on top during every fight. Will he now able to complete the task given to him by the powerful patrons?

*"The Mercenary" ("Наемник") series
**"The Mercenary" – Aleksey Kargin's contract states that, after his service in the Foreign Legion, he is to be sent to a paradise island in the Pacific Ocean. However, paradise turns into hell, but even hell has an exit, if you fight to the last. The prize - a business empire 'in the pocket'.
**"The Heir" ("Наследник") – Aleksey Kargin, a former mercenary of the Foreign Legion, becomes a sole heir of a gigantic corporation creating all kinds of weapons. Such 'riches' are not for him - he wants a normal life. However, the largest weapons manufacturer in the world is not an inheritance that can simply be refused...

*"I, Alien" ("Я – инопланетянин") – an entire country disappeared off the face of the Earth. There were no earthquakes, no fiery lava flows, no Great Flood. Simply the area formerly known as Afghanistan was no more. No expedition sent to the 'dead zone' ever returned. Arsen Izmailov, a UN employee, managed to uncover what happened. Apparently, a great disaster has come to Earth from space. A tragic paradox of the situation was that Izmailov's real name was Affa'it and that he was an alien, sent to our planet as an observer.

*"The Exorcist of Genies" ("Заклинатель джиннов")

*"Arrivals from the Dark" ("Пришедшие из мрака") series — describes the future of humanity after a massive alien starship arrives to the Solar System with hostile intentions
**"Invasion" ("Вторжение")
**"Retaliation" ("Ответный удар")
**"Fighters of Danveyt" ("Бойцы Данвейта")
**"Dark Skies" ("Темные небеса")
**"Masters of Emptiness" ("Владыки Пустоты") — not yet published

*"On the Other Side of the Sky" ("По ту сторону неба") series
**"Path to the South" ("Путь на Юг") — Colonel Georgy Odintsov of the Russian Army, due to a fantastic experiment, finds himself On the Other Side of the Sky (i.e. in another reality) — the medieval world of Iden. Here, the armies of powerful empires clash, the merchant ships and warships sail the seas, beautiful cities with palaces and temples are build, and military expeditions leave for the far lands. This world is full of danger and mystery; it still has unknown lands, uncharted islands, unseen animals and people. That is why Iden is perfect for Odintsov — an adventure seeker. Here, he is young again, strong and loved. The secrets of Iden call to him, and he leaves to find the mysterious Southern Continent.
**"The Oceans of Iden" ("Океаны Айдена") — The Southern Continent of the wondrous world of Iden is home to a powerful and mysterious civilization, separated from the northern barbarians with strong equatorial currents. In his adventures and battles, while losing and finding friends, Georgy Odintsov finally uncovers the secrets of his new home.

*"Final Battle" ("Последняя битва") – Iero Distin, a brave warrior-killman, takes his friends on a dangerous adventure to the Old World, where the humanity's main enemy, the Unclean One, has found refuge. Battle awaits the humans, the result of which is unpredictable. The victor will receive the power to rule the world.

*"Turn Around - the Aliens Are Near!" ("Оглянись - пришельцы рядом!")

*"Jennak" ("Дженнак") series
**"The Other Half of the World" ("Другая половина мира") – crown prince Jennak was born in the cradle of human civilization Alonn, where steel blades and proud ships are being created in great cities. The prince was given a great gift - unnatural longevity. He becomes a victim of artful treachery, loses his loved one, and battles with warriors of bloodthirsty tribes. His path is full of difficult trials. Such is the price for the right to be called the Chosen by the Gods.
**"The Fifth Table of Kinar" ("Пятая скрижаль Кинара") - prince Jennak, the Chosen by the Gods, has to save his world from devastating wars, lying prophecies, and greedy and warlike rulers. While fulfilling his destiny, he travels and fights, loves and hates, loses and finds; for the most valuable of his finds - the Fifth Table of Kinar, he pays with the blood of his friends.

*"Raven" ("Ворон") – the path from West India to Russia is long and difficult. Two weeks after setting sail, the "Raven" encountered a hurricane, which sent the ship to the south - the Canary Islands. The sea barely calmed down when the ship was attacked by a 40-gun Spanish galleon. Every cloud has a silver lining - now Andrey Serov can bring home two warships instead of one. Tsar Peter, who is trying to turn Russia into a strong sea nation, will hardly refuse the gift. However, fate had different plans for Andrey. Near the coast of Africa, the two ships were attacked by Magrib pirates. The "Raven" was able to fight them off, but the "Spaniard" went to the bottom of the ocean. A part of the Spanish crew survived but were taken prisoner by the Africans. Among them - the beautiful Sheila, Serov's wife.

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