Rice wine

Rice wine

Rice wine is an alcoholic beverage made from rice. Unlike wine, which is made by fermentation of naturally sweet grapes and other fruit, rice "wine" results from the fermentation of rice starch converted to sugars. This process is akin to that used to produce beer; however, beer production employs a mashing process to convert starch to sugars whereas rice wine uses the different amylolytic process.

Rice brew typically has a higher alcohol content (18-25%) than wine (10-20%), which in turn has a higher alcohol content than beer (3-8%).

Some types of rice wine include:

*Amazake - low-alcohol Japanese rice drink
*Brem - Balinese rice wine
*Cheongju - Korean rice wine
**Beopju - a variety of "cheongju"
*Choujiu - A milky glutinous rice wine popular in Xi'an, China
*Gamju - A milky, sweet rice wine from Korea
*Lao-Lao - A clear rice wine from Laos
*Lihing - Kadazan rice wine (Sabah, Malaysian Borneo)
*Makkoli - a milky traditional rice wine indigenous to Korea
*Mijiu or Lao-zao - a clear, sweet Chinese rice wine/liqueur, usually being served as a dessert in southern China, made from fermented glutinous rice
*Raksi - Tibetan and Nepali rice wine
*Rượu cần - Vietnamese rice wine drunk through long, thin bamboo tubes
*Rượu nếp - Sweet, milky Vietnamese rice wine made from sticky rice
*Sake (Nihonshu) - Japanese rice wine
*Sato - A rice wine originating in the Isan region of Thailand
*Sonti - Indian rice wine
*Handia- Rice beer made after fermentation in Chottanagpur regions of eastern Indian states of Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal (india)Rasi the refined wine of Handia
*Tuak - Iban rice wine (Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo)
*Tapai - Kadazandusun rice wine (Sabah, Malaysian Borneo)
*Ang Jiu - Chinese red rice wine, popular among the FooChow Chinese.(Malaysia,China)

Other types include:
*Cơm rượu - A Vietnamese dessert consisting of rice balls in mildly alcoholic, thick, milky rice wine
*Mirin - Sweetened Japanese rice wine used for cooking
*Soju - Korean alcoholic beverage, often mistaken as rice wine, but actually almost always in combination with other ingredients such as wheat, barley, or sweet potatoes
*Shōchū - a Japanese alcoholic beverage that can be made from rice, although it is more commonly made from barley, sweet potato, or sugar cane
*Snake wine

ee also

*Awamori, a distilled rice spirit from Okinawa
*Chhaang, a common alcoholic rice beverage in Sikkim, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan
*Chinese alcoholic beverage
*Korean wine
*Rice baijiu, a potent Chinese spirit distilled from "mijiu"
*Rice ethanol
*Rice vinegar
*Rượu đế (also called "rượu đế" or "rượu quốc lủi") - a Vietnamese distilled spirit made from rice
*Rượu trắng, the generic term for Vietnamese distilled spirits

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