H6, H06 or H-6 can refer to:
* H6 Childs Way, a major local road in Milton Keynes, England
* British NVC community H6 (Erica vagans - Ulex europaeus heath), one of the heath communities in the British National Vegetation Classification system
* Composition H6, an explosive
* Highway H06 (Ukraine), a
* HMS H6, a 1915 British Royal Navy H class submarine
* HMS Keith (H06), a WWII British Royal Navy B-class destroyer
* HMS Hurricane (H06), a 1939 British Royal Navy Havant class destroyer
* Hughes H-6 (OH-6 Cayuse), a Hughes helicopter
* PRR H6, an American model
* USS H-6 (SS-149), a 1918 United States Navy H class submarine
* Xian H-6, a PRC medium-range bomber

and also :
* MH-6 Little Bird, a special forces variant of the OH-6 helicopter
* (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers), a horror film commonly abbreviated to "H6"
* H06, Disorders of lacrimal system and orbit in diseases classified elsewhere code

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