The Scripter's Scrapbook

The Scripter's Scrapbook

Infobox Software
name = The Scripter's Scrapbook
developer = The Flexible Learning Company
latest_release_version = 5.2.16
latest_release_date = 13 Nov 2007
operating_system = Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
genre = Source code repository
license = Proprietary
website = [ The Scripter's Scrapbook]

The Scripter's Scrapbook is a 32-bit cross-platform personal reference library and code repository, developed and maintained by The Flexible Learning Company for Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.


* 1984 The notion of a content-oriented information repository was conceived using BBCB that led to a generic knowledge-management system called HyperManuscript.
* 1987 The Scripter's Scrapbook was released as freeware in Hypercard for Mac OS only.
* 1994 Ported to SuperCard of Allegiant Technologies.
* 1997 Following a complete re-write in Metacard, the first cross-platform version of the software was released for Macintosh PPC and Windows.
* 2005 The first commercial release of The Scripter's Scrapbook.


The Scripter's Scrapbook from Flexible Learning is a cross-platform personal reference library and code repository that "provides the convenience of the desktop with the resources of the web" for programmers, web authors and software writers. Users can specify the platforms as well as arbitrary categories, sub-categories and languages for any snippet of code, hyperlink, article or embedded file to structure their information. Records can be searched, selected and displayed either full page or with any of three index types (alphabetical, history and hierarchical tree). Tools include customizable XML code colorization schemes, drag and drop import, export options for csv, html and xml, compressed backups, a presentation toolkit with annotations and images, and an API for plugins, extensions, add-ons and IAC (inter-application communications).


The Scripter's Scrapbook runs on:

* Mac OS System 9
* Mac OS X PPC, Intel and Universal Binary
* Microsoft Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/VISTA

The data file itself is a cross-platform binary file that runs natively under the Revolution code base and independently with standalone exectutables for all the above platforms.

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* [ The Flexible Learning Company] Official website.

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