The Bad Girls Club

The Bad Girls Club

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format = Reality Television
runtime = 30 minutes
creator = Jonathan Murray
producer = Bunim/Murray Productions
opentheme = "Love Me or Hate Me" by Lady Sovereign
(Season 1)"Bad Girls" by [ Tokyo Diiva]
(Season 2)
country = USA
location = Hollywood, CA
network = Oxygen Network
first_aired = December 6, 2006
last_aired = Present
num_seasons = 3
num_episodes = 47
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"The Bad Girls Club" is a reality-based series from the Oxygen Network. It debuted on December 6, 2006. The show follows seven women with various psychological and personality issues - deemed "bad girls" - as they live together for four months as cameras record their interpersonal relationships and their attempts to accomplish specific goals. The series is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, who has also produced hit shows like The Real World. Season three is expected to premiere on December 9, 2008.

eason One


Original Bad Girls
*Zara Sprankle
*Ripsi Terzian (Episodes 1-3)
*Leslie Ramsue (Episodes 1-14)
*Kerry Harvick
*Aimee Landi
*Jodie Howell (Episodes 1-19)
*Ty Colliers (Episodes 1-9)Replacement Bad Girls
*DeAnn (Replaced Ripsi; Episode 5)
*Joanna 'JoJo' Hernandez (Replaced Ty; Episode 15)
*Andrea Laing (Replaced Leslie; Episode 15)


*Episode 1: "It's Easier to Be Bad"- Bonding and bickering occur when a group of self-proclaimed “bad girls” share a house in Los Angeles.
*Episode 2: "A Rude Awakening"- Ripsi's temper gets her into big trouble.
*Episode 3: "Quick Fix"- Ripsi's stay in the house could come to an untimely end; and Kerry tries to make time with an attractive pool boy.
*Episode 4: "A Tomik Bomb"- Zara steps on some toes and seems to completely disregard her boyfriend's feelings as she pursues Tomik; Kerry becomes closer to Jodie and seeks David's forgiveness.
*Episode 5: "Out With the Old, In With the New"- A new roommate arrives and makes instant friends with everyone except Aimee; Zara continues to hook up with Tomik, even though she has a boyfriend waiting for her back home.
*Episode 6: "The Trouble With Boys"- Arguing between Tomik and Aimee upsets Zara, but what she finds even more troubling is Aimee's claim that Tomik has a wandering eye. Meanwhile, Jodie becomes very interested in a cute guy.
*Episode 7: "Miss Understanding"- Zara gets on Leslie's bad side after she makes a racially insensitive comment.
*Episode 8: "Not A Happy Camper"- Bad-girl shenanigans reign supreme when DeAnn and Kerry go on a camping excursion, where they pull outlandish pranks on Jodie, who feels more and more ostracized. Meanwhile, at the house, Ty confronts her romantic problems.
*Episode 9: "Smack My Beach Up"- Ty and Leslie engage in a boozy night out and return home to a mightily irked Aimee. Later, bad blood boils between Ty and Aimee, who make waves during a beach excursion ultimately ending Ty's stay in the house. Elsewhere, being home alone gives Jodie and Zara an opportunity to lay bare their sexy and silly sides.
*Episode 10: "And the Walls Came Tomberlin Down"- After Ty departs, a lonely Leslie ponders leaving as well; Jodie steals Kerry's thunder.
*Episode 11: "Drop of A Hat"- Zara seeks revenge against Tomik when his romantic interest in her withers. In other events, DeAnn plunges into a tryst with Pool Boy Steve---then makes a crucial decision.
*Episode 12: "She Said, She Said"- The claws come out when Zara informs Kerry that Aimee has been insulting her, which in turn only intensifies the feud between Zara and Aimee.
*Episode 13: "Holy Ghost!"- Jodie dons lingerie for a racy photo shoot. Meanwhile, things get spooky when the girls believe that the house is haunted, and that Ripsi was its first victim.
*Episode 14: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"- Leslie tries to abandon exotic dancing; Zara's party-girl ways affect her roomies' lives.
*Episode 15: "Kiss & Tell"- Zara confesses her sextracurricular activities to her boyfriend after he makes a surprise visit. Meanwhile, Kerry meets a music producer and a shocking surprise comes the gals' way.
*Episode 16: "Rocky Road"- Tensions rise between the new and old roommates when johanna and andrea arrive; Jodie gets a modeling opportunity at a runway show and is determined to show that it isn't necessary to be ultra-thin to succeed.
*Episode 17: "Chicken Scratch"- Zara abandons Aimee at a club, which prompts Aimee to try to turn the other women against Zara.
*Episode 18: "A Little Ditty About Steve & DeAnn"- DeAnn catches Steve kissing another woman, which sorely tests their relationship.
*Episode 19: "Lord of the Lies"- As wall-to-wall dramas in the house intensify, all the girls seem pitted against Jodie. In other developments, Kerry tries to tune up her music career by journeying to Nashville.
*Episode 20: "Happy Ending"- The women's efforts to stage a charity fund-raiser are complicated by a flirty Zara. Meanwhile, the roomies try to patch up fractured friendships as they anticipate their departure from the house.
*Episode 21: "Shrink Wrapped"- The women return to the house and get together with a psychologist to analyze their past behavior. Also: Ripsi asks for Kerry's forgiveness.
*Episode 22: "Outrageous & Unseen"- Previously unseen footage from the series' inaugural season is featured, along with a sneak peek at the spin-off reality series “Bad Girls Road Trip.

Early Departures

Ripsi: When a night of drinking with Zara turned bad, Ripsi began to take her anger out physically on her roommates. After Kerry pushed her into the pool she began an attack on Kerry and after multiple attempts to fight the roommates finally got her to calm down, moments later Ripsi awoke again and began to destroy the house. She then decides to confront Jodie, while she is sleeping. Ripsi unleashed her anger on Jodie nearly ripping her hair out and almost poking her eye out. Then after finally passing out, the next day it was decided that Ripsi no longer remained in the house and was kicked out after five days of staying there and lasting three episodes.

Ty: After a trip to the beach, Ty and Aimee began a verbally attack on each other, but when Ty spit on Aimee, Aimee spit back, Ty punched Aimee in face and Aimee punched Ty and they bagen to fist fight bad until the others finally separated them, that night Ty was sent home for throwing the first punch.

Leslie: She felt her roommates were doing nothing with their lives and doing nothing to motivate themselves so she decided it would be best for herself to leave that type of environment and continue with college. She left after episode 15.

Jodie: After Jodie was targeted by the other Bad Girls for the rumors in the house started by Kerry, she no longer felt she wanted to remain living in the house. She left the house without letting any of her roommates know, with the exception of JoAnna.


Bad Girls Road Trip is a spinoff from Oxygen's original show, The Bad Girls Club. It premiered June 12, 2007. It stars season one veterans, Zara Sprankle, Aimee Landi, and Leslie Ramsue, who tour their respective hometowns, search for casting opportunities for season two of The Bad Girls Club as well as check on their former housemates.

eason Two


Original Bad Girls
*Darlen Escobar
*Tanisha Thomas
*Neveen Ismail
*Cordelia Carlisle
*Jennavecia Russo (Episodes 1-14)
*Hanna Thompson
*Lyric Greene (Episodes 1-8)Replacement Bad Girls
*Andrea Sharples (Replaced Lyric; Episodes 13-21)


*Episode 1: "Bad Company"- Seven new “bad girls” swarm in on Los Angeles and try to coexist with one another in the same luxurious abode. But the battle lines are drawn when they realize there aren't enough freebies to share.
*Episode 2: "Battle Lines"- As two distinct rival groups begin to take shape, the ladies cool down their catty nastiness when a studly local man arrives.
*Episode 3: "Spilled Milk"- The women dish on one another---literally---when tensions between Neveen and Darlen boil over, resulting in a fierce food fight.
*Episode 4: "Music & Lyric"- As Lyric tries to hit all the right notes in her pursuit of music-industry success, the other "bad girls" seemingly find some harmony of their own.
*Episode 5: "Pop Off!"- Tension escalates between Cordelia and Tanisha in the wake of Cordelia's renewed confidence.
*Episode 6: "Prank Wars Part 1: Party Girls Strike Back"- It's a progression of power plays and provoking pranks when two household sects do battle. Then, it's bad news for Cordelia's fiancé when she woos another man.
*Episode 7: "Prank Wars Part 2: Who killed Clay Boy?"- A glut of foul pranks results when two bad-girl factions fight for household dominance, as budding songstress Lyric returns, aghast at all the off-note behavior.
*Episode 8: "Prank Wars Part 3: Phat Lady Sings!"- Tanisha and Jennavecia clash over juice. The drama gets juicier when the roomies' juvenile escapades exasperate Lyric.
*Episode 9: "Love Conquers All"- Cordelia hits the bottle in an effort to cope with a shattered romance. Meanwhile, Darlen's drinking intensifies, as the other "bad girls" offer support.
*Episode 10 "Return of the Juice; Death of the Truce"- Tanisha and Jennavecia prank, punch and push their way to the top of the pecking order. Then there's Darlen, whose recent sobriety awards her renewed clarity, as she gradually reevaluates her position in the Party Girls clique.
*Episode 11 "Sucker Punched"- Tanisha and Jennavecia must face the music for their exploits, Cordelia begins second-guessing dumping Taylor when she loses interest in Scott.
*Episode 12: "Taken for a Ride"- An eruptive conflict revolves around Jennavecia, as Darlen considers turning to the other clique. Meanwhile, the ladies attempt to throw their first work party.
*Episode 13: "Cordelia and the Chamber of Secrets"- As overwhelming stress impacts Cordelia, she breaks into a panic attack; an unsuspecting new roomie arrives.
*Episode 14: "Bad Riddance"- Jennavecia quits her job and must leave the house, Cordelia emerges as the new party girls leader.
*Episode 15: "With Friends Like These..."- Hanna and Tanisha confront Neveen on her judgemental comments, Someone ratts Cordelia out.
*Episode 16: "Threesome and Then Some"- Cordelia and Andrea grows tighter, and their friendship just might progress to an interesting new level, the girls get slinky when they throw a lingerie bash.
*Episode 17 "Disorderly Conduct"- Household tension and cliquish abuse push Andrea to the breaking point. Elsewhere, Tanisha throws a slumber party in hopes of uniting the women.
*Episode 18: "The Ugly Drunkling"- Cordelia's "ugly girl" complex takes a toll on Andrea, As she vents in a blog.
*Episode 19: "Ghouls Gone Wild"- Darlen takes her frustrations out on an annoying club patron. While, Cordelia decides to stop drinking and seeks help from her housemates.
*Episode 20: "Three's A Crowd"- Andrea's boyfriend pays a visit, he stirs up various emotions in the gals, including some jealousy from Cordelia.
*Episode 21: "Happy Trails"- The women persecute the writer of an explosive diary, prompting the author's teary-eyed departure from the house.
*Episode 22: "Pimp Down"- As the end of their "bad girl" reign draws nigh, the ladies decide that heavy-partying time is in order. But unforeseen dramas develop, and the women deal with one of their own behind bars.
*Episode 23: "All BAD Thing Must Come To An End"- Anger swells and alliances collapse as the women deal with fallout from a club fight and one roommate's stay behind bars.
*Episode 24: "Unfinished Business": Star Jones hosts this reunion edition, in which the women reassemble to reflect on Season 2's dramas, tantrums and brawls. Included: viewer questions.

Early Departures

Lyric: When all of her housemates behavior became too much to handle, she decided that it would be best if she left the house before she herself becomes destructive. She left the show in episode 8, but returned for the reunion special only to be kicked off of the stage after a heated fight with Tanisha.

Jennavecia: All the Bad Girls were assigned a job, and the rules stated you must do the job or leave the house. But after their boss decided to dock their pay, Jennavecia had enough of her boss and quit the job. Quitting the job still was breaking the rules and she was kicked out of the house.

Andrea: She came into the house to replace Lyric after she left the house, but when the other girls found a blog referring to them as "whores", it turned her roommates against her. They were also still upset about the blog she wrote bashing Cordelia. Andrea attempted to make things right with her roommates, but did not receive forgiveness. With no one to turn to, she left the house.

eason Three

The third season of the hit reality-based series set to debut on Oxygen Network late December 2008. Fact|date=June 2008

Production for the "Bad Girls Club: Season 3" began in August, 2008.Fact|date=June 2008


Cast will be announced soon when filming is finished in November.

eason 3 Changes

Oxygen announced that the show's format would be expanded from half-hour to one-hour, giving new episodes even more drama, more conflict and more outrageous laughs with the season scheduled to premiere December 9, 2008.


The series is the most-watched Oxygen original series ever, averaging 595,000 P18-49, a +31% increase over season one. The show averaged 439,000 among W18-49; 321,000 among W18-34 and 791,000 total viewers P2+. "The Bad Girls Club" also achieved a network milestone, becoming the first Oxygen original series episode to break the one million-viewer mark.

Web games

The Oxygen Network launched a web based Flash game based on "The Bad Girls Club" called [ Bad Girls Milk Drop] . The web game features the Bad Girls from Season 2 in caricature format dropping milk jugs on other Bad Girls as they pass by. The milk concept refers to the milk fight that happened in Season 2. [ Bad Girls Milk Drop]

There is also a "Bad Girls Club" crossword puzzle based on the Season 2 cast. [ Bad Girls Club Crossword Puzzle]

Mobile games

The Oxygen Network announced launching a 3G mobile game based on "The Bad Girls Club" in partnership with Artificial Life, Inc. [ [ Reynolds, Mike; "Oxygen Announces Mobile Game, Local-Ad-Sales Promo"; Multichannel News; July 23, 2007] ] [ [ Balan, Elena; "The Bad Girls Club 3G Makes Sexy Mobile Game"; Softpedia; July 27, 2007] ] The 3G game will feature 3D avatars based on the Bad Girls as well as photo-realistic locations based on the actual house. A series of 2G mobile games will also be launched in the coming months.

The mobile games can be downloaded from Oxygen's website []


External links

* [ Official website]
* [ Article on the show at The Futon Critic]

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