The Fully Reversible EP

The Fully Reversible EP

Infobox Album |
Name = The Fully Reversible EP
Type = Album
Artist = The Mullets, Nice Guys Finish Last

Background = darkseagreen
Released = January 29 1999
Recorded = 1998
Genre = Punk
Length =
Label = Higher Step Records
Producer = Josh Lymon, Ryan Bernhardt
Reviews =

Last album = "To Kentucky Kingdom Come"
This album = "The Fully Reversible EP"
Next album = "Typical Stereo"

"The Fully Reversible EP" is an album released by The Mullets and Nice Guys Finish Last on January 29, 1999. It was the only album by both bands released on cassette tape. Side A, by Nice Guys Finish Last is titled "It's a Nice Demo, but...". Side B, by the Mullets, is titled "Sit Down Mamaw". Four of the tracks on the Mullets' side were released two months later on a 7" titled "Sit Down Mamma". All of the Mullets' recordings were later released on "Let's Get Skanky". With the exception of NGFL's hidden track, "Yes, I Guess", all of the songs were recorded by Josh Plemon in Dongola, IL. The final track was recorded by Ryan Bernhardt of NGFL.

The bands originally recorded the material to be used for demos for later albums

Notable tracks include Nice Guys Finish Last's ode to Claire Danes, "My So Called Strife (Claire)" and the Mullets' cover of Dead or Alive's, "You Spin Me Round".

Track listing

ide A - ngfl. (it's a nice demo but...)

# Walk Away (2:21)
# Running Out of Friends (1:52)
# Sankofa's Dead (2:10)
# Stop Calling Me (1:42)
# Jill (1:58)
# My So Called Strife (Claire) (3:18)
# Yes, I Guess*

ide B - The Mullets (Sit Down Mamaw)

# Nudie Dancer (1:49)
# Guidance Counselor (1:44)
# At a Flea Market (1:38)
# We Give Up (1:44)
# 'Til My Mom Got a Job (2:21)
# Hey Tony (2:10)
# You Spin Me 'Round (Like A Record)*

* hidden tracks

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