Forest management

Forest management

Forest management includes a range of human interventions that affect forest ecosystems. These activities include both conservation and economic activities, such as extraction of timber, planting and replanting of various species, cutting roads and pathways through forests, and techniques for preventing or making outbreaks of fire.

In developed countries, the environment has increased public awareness of natural resource policy, including forest management. As a direct result, primary concerns regarding forest management have shifted from the extraction of timber to other forest resources including wildlife, watershed management, and recreation. This shift in public values has also caused many in the public to mistrust resource management professionals. [cite journal |quotes= |last=Shindler |first=Bruce |authorlink= |coauthors=Lori A. Cramer |date= |year=1999 |month=January |title=Shifting Public Values for Forest Management: Making Sense of Wicked Problems |journal=Western Journal of Applied Forestry |volume=14 |issue=1 |pages=28–34 |publisher=Society of American Foresters |location= |issn=0885-6095 |pmid= |pmc= |doi= |bibcode= |oclc= |id= |url= |language= |format= |accessdate=2008-08-25 |laysummary= |laysource= |laydate= |quote= ]

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