Islam and sexual techniques

Islam and sexual techniques

:"This is a sub-article of Sexuality in Islam.

Mutual masturbation

Muslim jurists state that mutual masturbation that culminates in orgasm for both is permissible and even bears merit for both parties as long as the partners are married. [ Ahl as-Sunnah's authority work Fatawa Qadhi Khan, Kitab al Akhir Volume 4 page 783. The book is taught at Deobandi schools]

Coitus more ferarum

Coitus more ferarum ("doggy style") is allowed.Fact|date=October 2008

Anal intercourse

All Muslim scholars have a stongly negative view of anal intercourse.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a contemporary Sunni Muslim scholar, states that anal sex is prohibited. A wife must abstain from it should her husband demand it, and may seek divorce over it if her husband persists or tries to force her, [ [ When Husband Insists on Anal Sex with His Wife - - Ask The Scholar ] ] as the act is forbidden in the Islamic marriage contract. The act in itself, however, doesn't nullify the marriage, and the wife must seek divorce in order to separate from the husband. [ [ Anal Sex with the Wife: Does It Nullify Marriage? - - Ask The Scholar ] ]

Muslim scholars justify the prohibition on the basis of the Quranic verse 2:223, saying that it commands intercourse only in the vagina (which will lead to the birth of children). the vaginal intercourse may be in any manner the couple wishes, that is, from behind or from the front, sitting or with the wife lying on her back or on her side.


PresentScholar|Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani|21st|Shi'a twelver considers anal sex as strongly undesirable, but not prohibited. Such intercourse must be conducted with the wife's consent. He states that there is no objection to the couple getting pleasure from the entire body of one another, but some actions are below human dignity. Should the wife be menstruating, again the act is permissible (should the wife consent), but is "extremely abominable".]

Oral sex

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