Too Pure - The Peel Sessions

Too Pure - The Peel Sessions

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Name = Too Pure - The Peel Sessions
Type = Album
Artist = various

Released = 1992
Recorded = March - October 1991
Genre = Rock
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Label = Strange Fruit Records
Producer = various

Too Pure - The Peel Sessions is a compilation CD and 10" vinyl LP released by Strange Fruit by arrangement with the indie label Too Pure in 1992, and featuring their three most up-and-coming bands at the time. It contains some of the earliest commercially released work by PJ Harvey.

The sessions on the album were recorded for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show between March and October 1991.

The 10" vinyl was a limited, numbered edition of 3499 copies. A section of the cover was left white; this was then painted over by hand so that each of the LPs featured a different artwork.

Track listing

* Th' Faith Healers "recorded 24 March 1991"
** "Coffee Commercial Couples" (Hopkin)
** "Robby Kopper" (Cullinan)
** "Jesus Freak" (Cullinan)

* Stereolab "recorded 30 July 1991"
** "Super-Electric" (Gane/Sadier)
** "Changer" (Gane/Sadier)
** "Doubt" (Gane/Sadier)
** "Difficult Fourth Title" (Gane/Sadier)

* PJ Harvey "recorded 29 October 1991"
** "Oh My Lover" (Harvey)
** "Victory" (Harvey)
** "Sheela-Na-Gig" (Harvey)
** "Water" (Harvey)

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