Chinese mosques

Chinese mosques

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A mosque (Arabic: مسجد "masjid") is a place of worship for followers of the Islamic faith. The first mosque in China was the Great Mosque of Xian, or the Xian Mosque, which was built during the Tang Dynasty in the 8th century C.E.

Most mosques have certain aspects in common with each other however as with other regions Chinese Islamic architecture reflects the local architecture in its style. China is renowned for its beautiful mosques, which resemble temples. However in western China the mosques resemble those of Iran and Central Asia, with tall, slender minarets, curvy arches and dome shaped roofs, as well as the unique multi-layered portals. In northwest China where the Chinese Hui have built their mosques, there is a combination of eastern and western styles. The mosques have flared Buddhist style roofs set in walled courtyards entered through archways with miniature domes and minarets (see Beytullah Mosque). [Saudi Aramco World, July/August 1985 , page 3035]

Famous mosques in China

There are over 45,000 mosques in China today. [ [ Madrasahs ] ] [ [ The Situations of Buddhism and Islam in China, 1996 ] ] [ [ MEMRI: Special Dispatch Series - No. 729 ] ] Gallery of Chinese mosques on Flickr: [ [ Chinese Mosques - a set on Flickr ] at]

Mosques in China


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* [ Islamic Arhitecture in Xinjiang]

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