Phage meetings

Phage meetings

Bacteriophage are viruses of bacteria. They are likely the most numerous "organisms" on Earth and contributed greatly to the development of the disciplines of molecular biology and molecular genetics. This page is an biblographic listing of significant phage-based scientific meetings.

Recent phage meetings

2008 Phage Biology, Ecology and Therapy Meeting

June 12-17, in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. at the George Eliava Institute.
*All sessions are in English and include sessions on phage therapy, phage-based prophylaxis and diagnostics, phage genomics and proteomics, phage-based technologies, and phage ecology.

2008 Phage Technology Meeting

July 26-29, in Edinburgh, Scotland.
*Sessions include Vaccines and gene therapy vehicles; Food safety; Novel phage proteins: diagnostics and antimicrobials; Phages in the environment; Bioengineering and genomics; Phage therapy

Meetings time line

Meetings are listed in order per year, but with years descending. Links are to descriptions found under either "scheduled upcoming phage meetings" or below this section as either ongoing phage meetings ("i.e.", Evergreen meetings, Phage Assembly conferences, Cold Spring Harbor meetings) or as one-time meetings or symposia.

#2009 Evergreen meeting
#2008 Leicester Viral Ecology Meeting
#2008 Tbilisi Phage Biology, Ecology, and Therapy meeting
#2008 Edinburgh Phage Technology meeting
#2007 Phage/Viral Assembly meeting
#2007 Cold Spring Harbor meeting
#2007 Evergreen meeting
#2007 Virus-ecology sympostium
#2007 Baikal Symposium
#2006 Texas meeting
#2006 Cold Spring Harbor meeting
#2005 Evergreen meeting
#2005 Tbilisi seminar
#2004 Phage summit (Florida)
#2003 Evergreen meeting
#2001 Evergreen meeting
#2000 Millennial meeting (Montreal)
#1999 Evergreen meeting

Please add to the above list as appropriate. Please do not let a need or desire to create links to within this document (or elsewhere) stop you from providing an (accurate) listing of past, present, or future meetings. Somebody, somewhere will fill in the details if you don't have them.

Regular meetings

A number of phage meetings meet regularly. Much information is missing from the following listings and it is hoped that people who organize or attend these meetings will help to supply this information.

Evergreen meetings

All Evergreen conferences are Summer meetings organized by Elizabeth Kutter and held on the Evergreen State College campus, Olympia, Washington. They have gone by at least two names: Evergreen International Phage Biology Meeting (2005 back to ???) and Bacteriophage T4 (International?) Meeting (??? back to ???). Meetings have been held in [ 2007] (17th), [ 2005] (16th), [ 2003] (15th), 2001 (14th), 1999 (13th), 1997? (12th), 1995? (11th), 1993? (10th), 1991 (9th), 1989 (8th), 1987 (7th), 1985 (6th), 1983? (5th), and earlier. The next meeting is scheduled for 2009 (18th).

Biennial Phage/Viral Assembly Conferences

A conference overview page can be found here [ here] . The last meeting was held in May, [ 2007] in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. The original meeting was held in 1968.

Cold Spring Harbor (Molecular Genetics of) Bacteria and Phage Meeting

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is found on Long Island, New York, though these meetings are not always held in Cold Spring Harbor but instead in Madison, Wisconsin. Meetings have been held in [ 2007] , 2006, 2002, etc. Many of the years of these meetings are not listed here (and need to be), plus a history of these meetings needs to be presented as well as comments on the current status of these meetings with regard to the degree to which they consider phage.

Viral Ecology Group (VEG) meetings

VEG meetings are held in England with the March, 2008, meeting the 5th.

One-time meetings or symposia

2008 Edinburgh International Phage Conference

June 26 to June 30, held in Edinburgh, UK.
* [ conference page]

2008 Bacteriophages: Nature and Exploitation

February 22, held in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK.
* [ meeting registration page]

2007 International Baikal Symposium on Microbiology

September 10-15, this symposium is titled "Microorganisms in Ecosystems of Lakes, Rivers, and Reservoirs" was held in IrkutskListvyanka settlement (campus «Pribaykal’skiy»), Russia. Approximately one-third (or slightly fewer) of the topics to be covered seem to be phage-related.

2007 Symposium, Ecology of Viruses

September 3-4, organized by Environmental Microbiology Group/Virus Ecology Group/Society for General Microbiology, held at University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.
* [ meeting overview page]

2007 Le Treilles meeting on The Evolution, Diversity and Ecology of the Dark Matter of the Biosphere: Bacteriophages

March 26-31, sponsored by the [ Fondation des Treilles] , held in Tourtour, France.
* [ meeting overview page]

2006 Texas, Evergreen Phage and Virus Genomics and Ecology Meeting

May 12-15, organized by Philip Serwer, Stephen C. Haries, and Elizabeth Kutter, held at Texas A&M University-Kingsville Campus, Kingsville, Texas.
* [ meeting web page]

2005 International Phage Seminar

November 10-11, organized by J.S.C. “Biochimpharm” and Eliava Scientific-Research Institute of Bacteriophages, Microbiology and Virology, held in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.
* [ draft seminar agenda]

2004 Phage Summit

August 1-5, ASM meeting organized by Ry Young, held in Key Biscayne, Florida.

*Adhya, S., L. Black, D. Friedman, G. Hatfull, K. Kreuzer, C. Merril, A. Oppenheim, F. Rohwer, and R. Young. 2005. 2004 ASM Conference on the New Phage Biology: the 'Phage Summit'. Mol. Microbiol. 55:1300 [ full text]

2002 International Union of Microbiology Societies/International Congress of Virology

July 27-August 1, held in Paris
*there were symposia devoted to phage:
#The phage genome (conveners H. Krisch, R. Hendrix)
#Phage lysis and lysogeny (J. Maniloff, T. Alatossava)
#Applied and environmental phage biology (H-W. Ackermann, E. Kutter)

2000 Algal Virus Workshop

May 28-June 1, held in Galeway, Ireland.

*comment: a previous such meeting had been held in 1998.

2000 Bacteriophages in Biotechnology

July 13, held in London, UK.

2000 Millennial Phage Meeting

June 7-11, organized by Michael Dubow, held at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

2000 Le Treilles meeting on Viruses: Origins, Evolution, and Biodiversity

July 24-30, sponsored by the [ Fondation des Treilles] , held in Tourtour, France. Proceedings published in vol. 154 of the series "Research in Microbiology" and summarized in Balter, M. 2000. "Evolution on life's fringes." "Science" Vol. 289. no. 5486, pp. 1866 - 1867 (15 September 2000) DOI: 10.1126/science.289.5486.1866Science" 289:1866-1867. [ abstract & pay article]

1998 International Symposium on Microbial Ecology

August, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

*comment: There was a symposia as part of this meeting on "Viruses as Regulators of Microbial Systems".
* [ ISME home page]

Additional links

* [ Meetings of interest to phage biologists] (page from [ ASM Division M] )
*Microbial Population Biology Gordon conference (typically has at least some phage-based talks and -interested attendees)
* [ 1941 meeting of the American Physical Society, in Philadelphia] (brief discussion of)

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