Hattie (sometimes misspelt Hatty) is a female given name, sometimes a shortened form of Harriet. It is especially popular in the American South, particularly amongst the older generations of blacks.

Hattie is the given name of these people (both real and fictional):
*Hattie Alexander (1901–1968), American pediatrician and microbiologist
*Hattie Beverly (1874–1904), first African American schoolteacher in Grand Rapids, Michigan
*Hattie Caraway (1878–1950), the first female United States Senator
*Hattie Carnegie (1886–1956), American clothing and jewelry designer
*Hattie Carthan (1901–1984), community activist in New York
*Hattie Durham, fictional flight attendant in the "Left Behind" series
*Hattie Gossett is an African-American feminist writer.
*Hattie Harlow lived in Massachusetts in the 19th century. Her diaries are a rich historical resource.
*Hattie N. Harrison is an American politician in Maryland.
*Hattie Hayridge (born 1959), British stand-up comedienne and actress
*Hattie Jacques (1922–1980), English comedy actress
*Hattie Johnson (born 1981), American Olympic shooter
*Hattie Lawton (c. 1837 – 1862), American detective in Pinkerton's Female Detective Bureau
*Hattie McDaniel (1895–1952), American actress, the first black performer to win an Academy Award
*Hattie Morahan (born 1979), award-winning English actress
*Hattie Tavernier, fictional character in the BBC soap opera "EastEnders" in the 1990s
*Hattie Winston (born 1945), American actress best known as Margaret in "Becker"

Hattie may also refer to:
*Hattiesburg, Mississippi, American city named for a woman named Hattie
*Panama Hattie, musical by Cole Porter
*Hurricane Hattie-Simone, hurricane that hit Central America on Halloween, 1961
*Hattie and the Wild Waves, 1990 book by Barbara Cooney
*Hattie Big Sky, children's novel by Kirby Larson
*The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, song by Bob Dylan
*Hetty Green (1834–1916), American businesswoman
*Hatty Jones (born 1988), British child actress in the 1998 movie "Madeline"

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