List of compositions by Anton Rubinstein

List of compositions by Anton Rubinstein

Selected list of the compositions of Anton Rubinstein.


* Symphony no.1, op. 40, in F major. [cite web|title=Online Publication of Preface to Score of Rubinstein Symphony No. 1|publisher=Musikproduktion Juergen Hoeflich|url=|date=2004|last=Robinson|first=Bradford|accessdate=2007-12-05]
* Symphony no.2, opus 42, in C major "Ocean". (1851, revised 1863, 1880) [cite web|last=Reynolds|first=Carol|title=Rubinstein, Symphony No. 2|accessdate=2007-12-05|date=December 11, 1994|url=]
* Symphony no.3, opus 56, in A. (1854-5)
* Symphony no.4, opus 95, in D minor "Dramatic". (1874)
* Symphony no.5, opus 107, in G minor. (1880) [cite web|title=Online Publication of Preface to Score of Rubinstein 5th Symphony|url=|publisher=Musikproduktion Juergen Hoeflich|accessdate=2007-12-05|last=Robinson|first=Bradford|date=2005]
* Symphony no.6, opus 111, in A minor. (1886)

Other orchestral works

* Triumphal Overture, Op. 43.
* Ouverture de Concert (in B-flat) pour Orchestre, Op. 60.
* Faust, Op. 68. Tone poem, 1864.
* Ivan the Terrible, Op. 79. (1869) [cite web|title=Ivan the Terrible, op. 79 (1869)|date=February 8, 2004|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05]
* Don Quixote, Op. 87. (1870) [cite web|last=Robinson|first=Bradford|title=Online Publication of Preface to Score of Don Quixote|url=|date=2004|accessdate=2007-12-05|publisher=Musikproduktion Juergen Hoeflich]
* Eroica, Op. 110. (1884)
* Suite in E-flat, Op. 119. (1894)
* Ouverture Solennelle pour Grand Orchestre. Op. 120. (1894)


* Piano Concertos
** Fantasy for piano with or without orchestra opus 84 in C major. (For solo piano in 1869, arranged as a piano and orchestra work in 1880)cite web|title=Notes to Recording of Fantasy and Concertstuck|publisher=Naxos Records|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05|date=1990]
** Caprice russe for piano and orchestra opus 102 in C minor.
** Concertstuck opus 113 in A-flat major.
** Piano Concerto no.1, opus 25 in E minor.
** Piano Concerto no.2, opus 35 in F major.
** Piano Concerto no.3, opus 45 in G major.
** Piano Concerto no.4, opus 70 in D minor.
** Piano Concerto no.5, opus 94 in E-flat major (dedicated to Charles-Valentin Alkan).
* Violin Concerto opus 46, in G major.
* Violoncello Concerto opus 65, in A minor. (1864)
* Violoncello Concerto opus 96, in D minor. (1874)

Chamber works

Solo Piano

* Sonata for Piano no.1, opus 12 in E minor.
* Sonata for Piano no.2, opus 20 in C minor.
* Sonata for Piano no.3, opus 41 in F major.
* Sonata for Piano no.4, opus 100 in A minor.
* Ondine (étude), op. 1.
* Melody in F, op. 3 no. 1. (one of two Melodies for the Piano, op. 3.)
* Tarantelle for Piano, op. 6de icon cite web|title=Joint Catalog of the GBV Library Network|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05]
* Caprice for Piano, op. 7
* Kamenniy-Ostrov, (set of piano sketches), op. 10.
* Le Bal. Fantasy for piano in 10 parts. op. 14. Published in icon cite web|title=Anna Amalia Library Weimar OPAC|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05]
* Three Caprices, op. 21
* Six Études, op. 23
* Six Préludes, op. 24
* Acrostychon pour le piano, op. 37.
* Six soirées á Saint-Petersburg, op. 44.
* 6 fugues (en style libre) introduites de préludes pour piano ... op. 53.
* Cinq morceaux, op. 69.
* Album de Peterhof, op. 75. [cite web|title=Page from Which a 1900 (?) Score of the Album de Peterhof May be Downloaded|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05]
* Fantasy in E minor, opus 77 (a massive one-movement free-form sonata about forty minutes in length) [cite web|title=Page from Which an 1860 Score of the Fantasy opus 77 Can Be Downloaded|format=PDF|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05]
* Seven National Dances, opus 82 [cite web|title=Page from Which an 1870 Score of the Seven National Dances Can Be Downloaded|format=PDF|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05]
* Ballade, op. 93.
* Six morceaux, op. 104
* Second Acrostychon pour le piano, op. 114.
* Six Barcarolles
* Étude sur des notes fausses (Étude on false notes), C major, no opus number, (1868)

Ensemble music with piano

* Octet opus 9 for piano, strings and winds (from a first attempt at a piano concerto and entitled "Concerto di camera").
* Piano Trio opus 15 number 1 in F.
* Piano Trio opus 15 number 2 in G minor.
* Piano Trio opus 52 in B-flat major.
* Piano Trio opus 85 in A major.
* Piano Trio opus 108 in C minor.
* Quartet for Piano and Strings opus 66 in C major.
* Quintet for Piano and Strings opus 99 in G minor.
* Quintet for Piano and Winds opus 55 in F major.
* Sonata for Cello and Piano no.1, opus 18 in D major. (1852)
* Sonata for Cello and Piano no.2, opus 39 in G major. (1857)
* Sonata for Piano Four-Hands opus 89 in D major [cite web|title=Webpage from which 1870 Score of Four-Hands Piano Sonata May Be Downloaded|format=PDF|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05] .
* Sonata for Viola and Piano opus 49 in F minor.
* Sonata for Violin and Piano no.1, opus 13 in G major. [cite web|title=Webpage from which 1856 Score and Part of 1st Violin Part May Be Downloaded|format=PDF|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05]
* Sonata for Violin and Piano no.2, opus 19 in A minor. [cite web|title=Webpage from which 1880 Score of 2nd Violin Sonata May Be Downloaded|format=PDF|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05]
* Sonata for Violin and Piano no.3, opus 98 in B minor.
* Three Character Pieces for Piano Four-Hands, op. 9 nl icon cite web|title=Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of the Netherlands|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05]
* Six character pictures (Character-Bilder) for Piano Four-Hands opus 50.

Other Chamber Music

* Quintet for Strings opus 59 in F major (arranged also as Piano Quartet).
* Sextet for Strings opus 97 in D major.
* Three quartets, opus 17 (in G major, C minor and F major).
* Three quartets, opus 47 (in E minor, B flat major, and D minor).
* Two quartets, opus 90. (in G minor and E minor). (about 1860.)
* Two quartets, opus 106 (in A flat major and F minor).


* Dmitri Donskoi. 1849/50.
* The Siberian Hunters (Sibirskiye okhotniki). 1852. (premiered 1854 under Franz Liszt's baton [cite book|last=Walker|first=Alan|authorlink=Alan Walker (musicologist)|title=Franz Liszt: The Weimar Years, 1848-1861|pages=245, 258|publisher=Cornell University Press|location=Ithaca, New York|isbn=0-8014-9721-3|date=1989, revised 1993] )
* Fomka the Foolde icon cite web|title=Operone Rubinstein Page|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05]
* Die Kinder der Heide (Children of the Steppes), premiered 1861 in Vienna. [cite journal|journal=Music & Letters|title=Review of Anton Rubinstein and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: Selected Operas. Proceedings of the International Musicological Convention in Vorzel (Ukraine), May 4th-6th, 1994 by Yelena S. Zinkevich|last=Garden|first=Edward, review author|date=November 1998|pages=622–4|volume=79|issue=4
] )
* Feramors. 1862.
* The Demon. 1871.
* Die Maccabäer. 1872-4.
* Néron. 1875-6.
* The Merchant Kalashnikov. 1877-9.
* Der Thurm zu Babel, op. 80. 1870. (Sacred Opera in one act. Listed as an oratorio by Klassika.)
* Sulamith. 1882/3. (Possibly an oratorio.)
* Unter Räubern, 1883.
* Der Papagei. (The Parakeet.) 1884.
* Gorjuša (The Sorrowful One) 1888


* Die Rebe (La vigne, The Grapevine). 1881, staged 1893 by Emil Graeb for the Court Opera Ballet in Berlin.


* Paradise Lost, op. 54. (Libretto written by 1855? de icon cite web|title=Austrian National Library|url=|accessdate=2007-12-05] ) [ review] (published by Leipzig : Bartholf Senff, around 1860. Text freely after John Milton.)
* Moses, op. 112.
* Christus, op. 117.


* Numerous sets including
** Neun Lieder von Kolzoff, aus dem Russischen von A. von Viedert ... für eine Singstimme mit Begleitung des Pianoforte. Op. 27. (about 1855.)
** 6 Lieder from Heine for voice and piano, op. 32
** 6 Lieder for voice and piano op. 33
** 12 Lieder for voice and piano op. 36
** 6 Lieder for voice and piano: op. 72
** 6 Lieder for voice and piano op. 76
** 10 Lieder op. 83 ; from the French, Italian and English

Other vocal works

* Scena ed Aria "E dunque ver? - Ist es denn wahr?" for Soprano with the accompaniment of Orchestra or Piano, op. 58
* "Die Nixe" : for chorus of women's voices and alto solo, with accompaniment of a piano or orchestra - op. 63
* Two songs for chorus and orchestra ("Hecuba" and "Haga in der Wüste") op. 92

Books by Anton Rubinstein

*cite book|last=Rubinstein|first=Anton|title=Die Musik und Ihre Meister : eine Unterredung|location=Leipzig|oclc=9661963| publisher=B. Senff|date=1891

Worklists in Print

*cite book|last=Sitsky|first=Larry|title=Anton Rubinstein : an annotated catalog of piano works and biography|isbn=0313254974|oclc=39162282|location=Westport, CT|publisher=Greenwood Press


* cite web|last=|first=|title=Dreilaenderkatalog im Gateway Bayern|url=|access-date=2007-01-04
* cite web|last=|first=|title=Klassika Werkverzeichnis|url=|access-date=2007-01-04
* cite web|last=|first=|title=Werkverzeichnis Rubinstein|url=|access-date=2007-01-04

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