Second-hand Smoke

Second-hand Smoke

Infobox Album | Name = Second-hand Smoke
Type = Compilation album
Artist = Sublime

Released = November 11, 1997
Recorded = 1987 – 1996
Genre = Ska, among others
Length = 63:16
Label = MCA
Producer = Sublime
Reviews =
*Allmusic Rating|2|5 [ link]
*Rolling Stone Rating|2.5|5 [ link] | Last album = "Sublime"
This album = "Second-hand Smoke"
Next album = "Stand by Your Van"

"Second-hand Smoke" is an album by the band Sublime. It was released in 1997 following the death of lead singer Bradley Nowell the year before. The songs consist of unreleased material and recycled and remixed versions of previous tracks.

Track listing

#"Doin' Time (Uptown Dub)"
#"Get Out! (Remix)"
#"New Realization"
#"Don't Push"
#"Slow Ride"
#"Chick On My Tip"
#"Had A DAT"
#"Trenchtown Rock"
#"Drunk Drivin'"
#"Saw Red"
#"Garden Grove"
#"April 29th, 1992 (Leary)"
#"Superstar Punani"
#"Legal Dub"
#"What's Really Goin' Wrong"
#"Doin' Time (Eerie Splendor Remix)"
#"Thanx Dub"


The song "Get Out!" originally appeared on Sublime's debut album "40 Oz. to Freedom" but had to be removed when the album was picked up for distribution by MCA Records, due to the presence of unauthorized samples. The samples were all removed or replaced, and the song was rereleased on "Second-hand Smoke" as "Get Out! (remix)".

The song "Chick On My Tip" is perceived as an entirely English language version of "Chica Me Tipo" from "40 Oz. to Freedom" although the Spanish lyrics do not translate to the same content as in the English version. The title "Chica Me Tipo" translates to the English "My Kind Of Girl"."Badfish" and "Saw Red" are the only songs to appear on this album unchanged from their original LP versions.
NOTE: "Chica Me Tipo" translates into "Girl My Guy". In spanish the english word "me" translates to "yo", "chica" translates to "girl" or "chick", and "tipo" can translate into two different things. "Tipo" can be "guy" or "dude" as in in "Este tipo esta brutal", which translates to "This guy(dude) is brutal". "Tipo" also translates into "type" as in "Este es el tipo de musica que me gusta" which translates into "This is my type of music!". The correct tittle should have been "Mi Tipo de Chica", which translates to "My kind of Girl". This goes to show you that Bradley Nowell was badly influenced by the spanish spoken by "mexi-calians" (mexicans in california). Bradley's spanish did get better when he wrote their self tittle album "Sublime" Noteworthy of the song "Saw Red" is that Gwen Stefani sings a duet with Nowell. This was before Stefani's band "No Doubt" hit mainstream success.

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