Football at the 1912 Summer Olympics

Football at the 1912 Summer Olympics

Football at the 1912 Summer Olympics was one of the 102 events at the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. It was the fourth time football (soccer) was on the Olympic schedule. The tournament was contested between 11 nations, all of them from Europe, with the defending 1908 Olympic football champions from Great Britain and Ireland retaining the gold medals. Replicating the 1908 tournament, Denmark won silver medals and the Netherlands won bronze medals.

Just as the Football Association had organised the 1908 Olympic football competition in London, the Swedish Football Association would run the 1912 event.

The games took place in three different stadiums from June 29 to July 5, 1912. From the eleven games of the main tournament, two were played at Idrottsplats Traneberg in a suburb of Stockholm, five games including the bronze medal match took placed at Idrottsplats Råsunda also outside Stockholm, while four games including the final were held at the Olympiastadion.

Medal summary

The database of the International Olympic Committee lists only the eleven players as medalists for each nation, who played in the first match for their nation. [ [ International Olympic Committee medal database] ] The following list contains these eleven players, as well as all other players who made at least one appearance for their team during the tournament.


The tournament attracted a record 11 entries, all of them from Europe. France and Belgium withdrew from the event shortly before the draw. The entry of Bohemia was not accepted, because only nations and associations affiliated to the FIFA were allowed to enter teams. As in 1908, the Football Association entered an England national amateur team to represent Great Britain and Ireland.

A total of 135+28 [135 players took part in the main tournament and another 28 players only played in the consolation tournament. Also there are 33 reserve players known, which are not included.] footballers from 11 nations competed at the Stockholm Games:

Amateur definitions

The definition for the football competition was: |2| || "bye"
June 29 - Olympiastadion| flagIOCteam|NED|1912 Summer (a.e.t.)|4| flagIOCteam|SWE|1912 Summer |3
June 29 - Idrottsplats Råsunda| flagIOCteam|AUT|1912 Summer |5| flagIOCteam|GER|1912 Summer |1
June 30 - Olympiastadion| flagIOCteam|GBR|1912 Summer |7| flagIOCteam|HUN|1912 Summer |0
June 30 - Idrottsplats Traneberg| flagIOCteam|FIN|1912 Summer |2| flagIOCteam|RUS|1912 Summer |1
June 30 - Idrottsplats Råsunda| flagIOCteam|DEN|1912 Summer |7| flagIOCteam|NOR|1912 Summer |0
June 30 - Idrottsplats Råsunda| flagIOCteam|NED|1912 Summer |3| flagIOCteam|AUT|1912 Summer |1
July 2 - Olympiastadion| flagIOCteam|GBR|1912 Summer |4| flagIOCteam|FIN|1912 Summer |0
July 2 - Olympiastadion| flagIOCteam|DEN|1912 Summer |4| flagIOCteam|NED|1912 Summer |1
July 4 - Olympiastadion| flagIOCteam|GBR|1912 Summer |4| flagIOCteam|DEN|1912 Summer |2
July 4 - Idrottsplats Råsunda| flagIOCteam|NED|1912 Summer |9| flagIOCteam|FIN|1912 Summer |0



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