Brass quintet

Brass quintet

A brass quintet is a five-piece musical ensemble composed of brass instruments. The most common instrumentation is two trumpets or cornets, one French horn, one trombone or euphoniumbaritone, and one tuba or bass trombone. As an ensemble type, the brass quintet is very flexible, with a repertoire encompassing musical genres from madrigals to jazz and everything in between. The instrumentation for a brass quintet is very flexible. Often trumpets will double on piccolo trumpets and flugelhorns. In some pieces the French horn is replaced by a trombone. In some ensembles a euphonium subtitutes for the trombone part. While a tuba is considered standard, the range and style of many pieces lends themselves to being played on bass trombone. Additionally some pieces call for the use of percussion instruments, particularly tambourine and snare drum.The contemporary brass quintet was started in the late 1940's by two different groups operating independently--the Chicago Brass Quintet and the New York Brass Quintet. Two members of the Chicago Brass Quintet can arguably be credited with helping plant the seed for today's success of the brass quintet medium: Arnold Jacobs, tubist of the CBQ was teacher to the two founders Daellenbach and Watts of the Canadian Brass, while Renold Schilke, trumpet player in the CBQ and master craftsman, was mentor to the entire group, successfully crafting the first-ever matched set of gold-plated quintet brass instruments. Canadian Brass has gone on to establish both the style and popularity of the quintet medium throughout the world having performed more than five thousand concerts and having sold more than 500,000 quintet music books for performers around the world, affirming the rise of the brass quintet as a world-wide phenomenon.

Famous brass quintets

* American Brass Quintet
* Annapolis Brass Quintet
* Atlantic Brass Quintet
* Boston Brass [ Home Page]
* Canadian Brass
* Carolina Brass
* Center City Brass Quintet
* [ Chameleon Brass Quintet]
* Dallas Brass
* Empire Brass
* Fine Arts Brass [ Home Page]
* German Brass
* Geneva Brass Quintet
* Gomalan Brass Quintet [ Home Page]
* Harmonic Brass
* Itter Brass [ Home Page]
* Jubilate Brass
* Kickin' Brass
* Kronwerk Brass
* Metales M5 [ Official Site]
* Meridian Arts Ensemble
* NK Brass [ Home Page]
* Obsidian Brass Quintet [ Home Page]
* [ Oompah Brass]
* Parma Brass Quintet [ Home Page]
* Quadruple Flats
* Rennquintett
* Rhythm & Brass
* St. Louis Brass
* Spanish Brass [ Home Page]
* Stockholm Chamber Brass
* Synergy Quintet
* True North Brass [ Home Page]
* Les Yeux Brass [ Home Page]
* Imperial Brass [ Home Page]

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