Artemis (disambiguation)

Artemis (disambiguation)

Artemis generally refers to the goddess of Greek myth.

Artemis may also refer to:
* Artimus Pyle, drummer for the band Lynyrd Skynyrd
* Artemis Fowl series, a series of books
** Artemis Fowl II - main (male) protagonist of the above
* Artemis (brothel), a large brothel in Berlin, Germany
* Artemis Chasma, a large chasma on Venus
* Artemis Corona, the largest corona on Venus
* Artemis (crater), a lunar crater
* Artemis (comics), several characters found in comic books
* Artemis (contemporary artist), an artist and weaver
* Artemis (pet food)
* Artemis (Sailor Moon), a character in the anime Sailor Moon
* "Artemis" (ship), a cruise ship
* Artemis (software), a software package for project management
* Artemis (satellite), a geostationary communications satellite
* Artemis (DNA software), a DNA sequencing and analysis software program
* Artemis (television series)
* Artemis 30, an anti-aircraft gun
* Artemis Entreri, an assassin in the "Forgotten Realms" universe, created by R. A. Salvatore
* Artemis Project, a private venture to establish a lunar community
* Artemis Records, an independent record label
* 105 Artemis, an asteroid
* Operation Artemis, a 2003 military operation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
* Project ARTEMIS, a 1960s U.S. Navy project to produce a long-range sonar system
* ARTEMIS (Joint Technology Initiative), a 2000s European research programme on embedded computers.
* Artemis Eternal, an upcoming short film by Jessica Stover.
* Another name for DCLRE1C
* HTC Artemis, a Windows Mobile PDA/Phone

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