Value added tax identification number

Value added tax identification number

The Value added tax identification number (VATIN) is an
identifier used in the European Union Value Added Tax for taxation purposes.

The identifier starts with an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, except for Greece which uses the non-standard country code EL, and then has between 5 and 12 characters. These 5 to 12 characters are in most countries only numbers, but in some countries they also contain some letters.

Some foreign companies that trade with non-enterprises in the EU have a VATIN starting with "EU". [ [ Electronically supplied services: Special scheme for non-EU Businesses] , HM Revenue and Customs, reference: VAT Info Sheet 07/03, May 2003]

VAT numbers by countries

European Union VAT identification numbers

VAT numbers of non-EU countries


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*Value added tax

*European Union Value Added Tax Area

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