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The Great Rebellion
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Sorrowful is a fictional character in the animated television series "". He is a cowardly Rebel dragon.

Character information

Sorrowful is in hibernation deep inside an old well, and is awoken by Bow after he throws a stone down the well to see if there is any water present. [cite web|title=The Laughing Dragon|url=|] Adora and Bow think the dragon will cause damage and run for cover. It turns out that he is not a fierce dragon and is very cowardly. Adora and Bow befriend him and take him to Castaspella to see if she can help him get some courage. Castaspella is unable to provide any magical assist. She-Ra gives him a necklace and tells him it will give him all the courage he needs. Using the help of the necklace he faces The Evil Horde, afterwards it is revealed that the necklace is not magical and that it was Sorrowful who provided the courage. In his second appearance, he faces up to Catra and shows her that he is not that weak after all, especially when his friends are in danger. In his next and final appearance, Sorrowful's cowardly nature appears to have gone, and he is shown as being a fierce opponent to The Horde, using his fire-breathing to disable Catra's defences [cite web|title=The Locket|url=|] and a docile ally to the Rebels. [cite web|title=Sorrowful|url=|publisher=The Ultimate She-Ra Guide]

Powers and abilities

Sorrowful is a dragon so he has the ability to fly and can breathe fire from his mouth.


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