Teorema International Journal of Philosophy

Teorema International Journal of Philosophy

teorema is an International Journal of Philosophy, published in Spain.

The Philosophy journal teorema was founded in Valencia, Spain, in 1971 by Prof. Manuel Garrido. In its first period the journal was published without interruption until 1986. teorema represented a landmark in the development of contemporary philosophical thought in Spain and Latin America. teorema featured several articles by such outstanding philosophers as Chomsky, Davidson, Dummett, Habermas, Pears, Putnam Popper, Quine, Searle, Strawson, and others. It also organised a significant number of conferences and symposia, on a wide variety of topics including Wittgenstein’s "Tractatus", Knowledge and Belief, Quine’s Philosophy, Philosophical and Linguistic Aspects of Chomsky’s Works, Philosophy of Mind, or Contemporary German Thought.

In December 1996 teorema resumed publication. Although papers in any philosophical discipline will be considered, the main aim of the journal is to publish original articles either in Spanish or in English in the following areas: Logic, Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy and History of Science, Epistemology and related areas. Special attention will be given to the study of Spanish Thought from any period or discipline. The present editor is Prof. Luis M. Valdés-Villanueva (University of Oviedo, Spain)

teorema is published three times a year, and it includes articles, discussions, notes and book reviews of recent publications. It features regularly monographic issues on specific themes ( [http://www.uniovi.es/Teorema/English/Issues/XIX3.html Scepticism] , [http://www.uniovi.es/Teorema/English/Issues/XVII3.html Philosophy of Technology] , [http://www.uniovi.es/Teorema/English/Issues/XVIII3.html Animal Rights] , [http://www.uniovi.es/Teorema/English/Issues/XXVI3.html Self-Deception] , etc.) and authors ( [http://www.uniovi.es/Teorema/English/Issues/XVI1.html Descartes] , [http://www.uniovi.es/Teorema/English/Issues/XXIII1.html Kant] , [http://www.uniovi.es/Teorema/English/Issues/XXIV3.html Bertrand Russell] , [http://www.uniovi.es/Teorema/English/Issues/XXI.html Santayana] , [http://www.uniovi.es/Teorema/English/Issues/XVIII1.html John Searle] , [http://www.uniovi.es/Teorema/English/Issues/XXVI2.html H. P. Grice] , [http://www.uniovi.es/Teorema/English/Issues/XXV1.html John McDowell] , etc.)

teorema includes a supplement limbo, the bulletin devoted to studies on the Anglo-Spanish philosopher Jorge Santayana. limbo includes also essays on Spanish philosophy (* [http://www.hiperlimbo.com] .

On Editorial Board, instructions for authors, indexes of past issues, etc. see:

External links

* [http://www.uniovi.es/Teorema Teorema website]
* [http://www.hiperlimbo.com/ Limbo website]

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