Spencer MacCallum

Spencer MacCallum

Spencer Heath McCallum (1931), commonly known as Spencer MacCallum, is an American anthropologist, business consultant and libertarian author. He also is notable for his discovery of the pottery of the town of Mata Ortiz, Mexico.

MacCallum graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelors in art history and received a Masters of Arts in social anthropology from the University of Washington. He specialized in studying the life, culture and stateless society of Northwest Coast Indians.Spencer MacCallum: " [http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig4/maccallum1.html Looking Back and Forward] ", Lewrockwell.com, December 19, 2003.] He is the grandson of Spencer Heath, anarcho-capitalist and Georgist dissenter. In 1956 MacCallum and his grandfather founded the Science of Society Foundation which published a number of works including Heath's book "Citadel, Market, and Altar." MacCallum was for many years an active researcher and lecturer for academic and business clients. [Spencer Heath McCallum, "The Art of Community", Institute for Humane Studies, 1970, back cover.] He remains a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute. [ [http://www.independent.org/aboutus/person_detail.asp?id=850 The Independent Institute page on Spencer MacCallum] .]

MacCallum shared his grandfather's interest in multi-tenant properties where developers lease properties and are responsible for providing community services, thereby replacing the functions of the state. He details these ideas in his 1970 booklet "The Art of Community"; his 2003 articles "The Enterprise of Community: Market Competition, Land, and Environment" and "Looking Back and Forward" (which describes the influence of his grandfather); and his 2005 article on stateless social organization "From Upstate New York to the Horn of Africa". He edited and published the book "The Law of the Somalis" by Michael van Notten which deals with the foundations of private law in the stateless Somali society.

Through his grandfather, MacCallum met alternative currency theorist E.C. Riegel. After Riegel’s death, MacCallum obtained all Riegel’s papers, which now reside with the Heather Foundation, of which MacCullum is director. [ [http://www.logan.com/afi/lowi.html The Phoenix Forum sponsors list] ] During the 1970s MacCallum re-published Riegel’s books “The New Approach to Freedom” and “Private Enterprise Money” and collected his papers into a new book called "Flight from Inflation: The Monetary Alternative." [E.C. Riegel, [http://www.newapproachtofreedom.info/ffi/editorial.html "The New Approach to Freedom"] , Editorial preface by Spencer MacCallum, San Pedro, CA, The Heather Foundation, 1979 edition.]

In 1976, MacCallum discovered artisan Juan Quezada, who soon became the leader of the now-thriving pottery movement located in Mata Ortiz, a small town near the ancient Paquime (or Casa Grandes) ruins in Chihuahua state, Mexico. McCallum is the author of many articles on Mata Ortiz, as well as introduction to the book, "Portraits of Clay: Potters of Mata Ortiz". His efforts helped the pottery win acceptance as a contemporary art form and a legitimate folk art.

MacCallum lives in nearby Casas Grandes and still plays a key role in Mata Ortiz affairs.



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* [http://www.mataortizcalendar.com/ Mata Ortiz Calendar] , maintained by Spencer and Emalie MacCallum. Links to photos of Mata Ortiz pottery, news, exhibits, etc.

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