Ack Ack

Ack Ack

Ack Ack can refer to:
* Anti-aircraft warfare
* Ack Ack, American Hall of Fame racehorse
* Ack Ack, British New Wave band 1977-80

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  • Ack Ack Ack Ack — (sometimes known as Ack Ack Ack ) is a song by early American punk band The Urinals. It appeared on their second record, Another EP , and can be found on the compilation CD Negative Capability... Check It Out .The song is a very basic anti war… …   Wikipedia

  • ACK — is sometimes used as an exclamation, an onomatopoeia for disgust, or as choking on something foul.Ack ack is a term for anti aircraft artillery fire.ACK as an abbreviation that may refer to: * ACK (computing), a signal used in computing and other …   Wikipedia

  • ack-ack — n. [from AA, meaning antiaircraft pronounced ack ack by British signalmen.] (Mil.) Artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes; antiaircraft artillery. Syn: antiaircraft, antiaircraft gun, flak, pompom, pom pom, ack ack gun [WordNet 1.5 +PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • ack-ack — 1939, representing A.A., the military abbreviation for anti aircraft (see ACK (Cf. ack)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • ack — ack; ack·er; ack·ey; chi·ack; ky·ack; …   English syllables

  • Ack van Rooyen — 1995 Ack van Rooyen 2009 …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • ack — British oral code for letter A in wireless and telephone communication, 1898; hence ack ack anti aircraft (gun, fire, etc.) …   Etymology dictionary

  • ack-ack — [ak′ak΄] n. [echoic; prob. expansion of abbrev. A.A., antiaircraft artillery] Slang an antiaircraft gun or its fire …   English World dictionary

  • ACK — (англ. Acknowledge подтверждение) в информатике: Один из управляющих символов ASCII. Один из флагов TCP …   Википедия

  • ACK —   [Abk. für engl. acknowledgement, dt. Quittung], Steuerzeichen eines Protokolls bei der zeichenorientierten Datenübertragung. Der Empfänger bestätigt damit dem Sender die fehlerfreie Übermittlung eines Datenpakets …   Universal-Lexikon

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