Intercalated duct

Intercalated duct

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Caption = Section of pancreas of dog. X 250. (AIntercalated ducts visible but not labeled.)

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The intercalated duct, also called intercalary duct, is the portion of an exocrine gland leading directly from the acinus to a striated duct.

They are part of the intralobular duct.

They have the thinnest epithelium of any part of the duct system, and the epithelium is usually classified as "low" simple cuboidal. [ [ SIU SOM Histology GI ] ]

They are found in:
* the pancreas [UCDavisOrganology|digestive/mammal/pancreas/pancreas1 - "Mammal, pancreas (LM, Medium)"] [ [ Slide at] ] [GeorgiaPhysiology|6/6ch4/s6ch4_17]

* salivary glands [ [ Slide at] ] [UCDavisOrganology|Digestive/mammal/salivary1/salivary3 - "Mammal, salivary glands (LM, Medium)"] [GeorgiaPhysiology|6/6ch4/s6ch4_4]


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