Somesvara III

Somesvara III

Somesvara III (ruled 1126 - 1138 CE) was a Western Chalukya king and son of Vikramaditya VI and Queen Chandaladevi. A king more inclined towards literature, Someshvara III had to face the invasion of the Hoysala Vishnuvardhana but was able to suppress him. He lost some territory as the Vengi Chalukyas tried to gain freedom, but was able to maintain most of the vast empire left behind by his famous father. He was a scholar of merit and wrote the Sanskrit classic "Manasollasa". He held titles like "Tribhuvannamalla", "Bhulokamalla" and "Sarvanjyabhupa".

The Manasollasa

The IAST|Mānasollāsa (Sanskrit: मानसोल्लास) (the refresher of the mind) or the IAST|Abhilaṣitārtha Cintāmaṇi (the magical stone that fulfils desires) is an encyclopedic work in Sanskrit composed in 1051 Saka era (c.1129 CE). This work is divided into 100 "IAST|adhyāya"s (chapters) which are grouped into five "IAST|viṁśati"s (twenties) and each chapter deals with a specific topic. This treatise deals with a wide range of topics, which include the means of acquiring a kingdom, methods of establishing it and royal enjoyment. It contains valuable information regarding Indian art, architecture, cuisine, ornaments, sports, music and dance. The number of "IAST|śloka"s in this work is:


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