Steel fixer

Steel fixer

A steel fixer is a tradesman who positions and secures steel reinforcing bars, also known as rebar, and steel mesh used in reinforced concrete on construction projects. [citebook|title=Civil Engineering Project Management |author=Alan Charles Twort, Gordon J. Rees|year= 2003|publisher=Elsevier|id=ISBN 0750657316 |url=] The work involves following engineering drawings that detail the type of bar and the spacing used and setting out the work. The reinforcing bars are tied together with wire, which is cut using snips. Steel fixers are also responsible for attaching 'spacers' and 'chairs' that determine the amount of concrete cover. [citebook|title=Reinforced Concrete Design to Bs8110: Simply Explained|author= Arthur Horace|year= 1988|publisher=Spon Press|id=ISBN 0419145508|url=] In the United States, the people doing this job are often referred to as ironworkers or rod busters.

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* Apprenticeship
* Vocational training
* Construction worker
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