Australian Railway History

Australian Railway History

Australian Railway History (formerly the ARHS Bulletin), is the premier magazine covering railway history in Australia. It is published monthly by the New South Wales Division of the Australian Railway Historical Society on behalf of the seven state and territory Divisions.

The typical issue of this magazine contains two or three well-researched articles of a scholarly nature. The seven state and territory Divisions of that Society additionally publish magazines that are much more in the nature of news magazines.

Originally the ARHS Bulletin was for members only, so its bland name didn't matter, but when the magazine became more widely distributed through newsagents, directly to the public, a change to a self-explanatory name was made. Australian Railway History is now professionally edited.

Publication details

* "Australian railway history : bulletin of the Australian Railway Historical Society". Redfern, N.S.W. Australian Railway Historical Society, New South Wales Division. ISSN 1449-6291 Vol. 55, no. 795 (Jan. 2004)-

* "Bulletin (Australian Railway Historical Society)". Burwood, N.S.W. Australian Railway Historical Society, 1952-2003. ISSN 0005-0105. New ser., v. 3, no. 178 (Aug. 1952)-v. 54, no. 794 (Dec. 2003)

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* List of railroad-related periodicals

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