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name = Radmind
developer = Research Systems Unix Group at the University of Michigan
latest_release_version = 1.11.1
latest_release_date = January 14 2008
operating_system = UNIX, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows
genre = Security (tripwire), file management
website = [http://radmind.org At U. Mich] , [http://sourceforge.net/projects/radmind at Sourceforge]

Radmind is a suite of Unix command-line tools and an application server designed to remotely administer the file systems of multiple client machines.

For Mac OS X, there is a graphical user interface called Radmind Assistant, as well as a GUI for the Radmind server called Radmind Server Manager.

How Radmind Works

Radmind operates as a tripwire, detecting changes in a client's filesystem (or, in the case of Microsoft Windows, the registry) and reversing the changes. Radmind stores filesystem specifications in text files called "transcripts", signified with a .T extension. Transcripts are referenced from "command files", signified with a .K extension, which specify which transcripts (and with what precedence) should be applied to a client machine's filesystem.

Suite of tools

The radmind suite of tools is comprised of:

* ktcheck, which updates the locally-stored command files and transcripts to match those on the server.
* fsdiff, which checks the client filesystem against the transcripts on the local system without using network bandwidth.
* lapply, which updates the client filesystem to match the transcripts, downloading files as needed.
* lcreate, which uploads new transcripts to the server.
* lcksum, which verifies uploaded transcripts.
* lfdiff, which compares local files with copies on Radmind server.
* lmerge, which combines transcripts on the server.
* ra.sh , which automates the update process using ktcheck, fsdiff, and lapply.
* twhich, which returns which transcript(s) a file is referenced in.
* applefile, which allows Radmind to work with AppleSingle files.

Radmind is developed by the Research Systems Unix Group at the University of Michigan.

External links

* [http://webapps.itcs.umich.edu/radmind/ Radmind wiki]
* [http://webapps.itcs.umich.edu/radmind/index.php/Radmind_Manual_for_Mac_OS_X Radmind Manual for Mac OS X]

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