MPP-B Wierzba mine

MPP-B Wierzba mine

The MPP-B "Wierzba"" is a fibreglass Polish minimum metal anti-tank blast mine. The mine is similar to the Russian TM-62 series and is compatible with the same fuzes. It is normally used with a MWCz-62 fuze with a clockwork armng delay, which is a copy of the Russian MVCh-62. The mine has a secondary fuze well in the base of the mine for anti-handling devices or for a command detonation device. It can also be used with a ZMN electronic combined pressure and magnetic influence fuze.

The mine is currently in service with the Polish armed forces.

pecifications (with MWCz-62)

* Diameter: 320 mm
* Height: 128 mm
* Weight: 9.7 kg
* Explosive content: 8.1 kg


* "Jane's Mines and Mine Clearance 2005-2006"

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