The TSR-2MS is a fictional aircraft depicted in the anime series "Stratos 4". In the series, the aircraft used to intercept meteor debris is based on the ill-fated BAC TSR-2 supersonic bomber. The MS stands for "Meteor Sweeper", a term for squadrons specializing in shooting down meteor debris. It is equipped with one "Trident" anti-meteor hi-explosive missile, an internal booster (named "Third Engine") and two booster packs (RATOs).

The aircraft takes off in a rocket-like manner where it is launched from a truck-mounted railed launchpad rather than taking off by runway. The pilot flies the aircraft in a prone position. This is never explained; it is assumed to be used to counteract G-force and/or emphasis the female pilot's curves. At mid-altitude (30,000–40,000 ft / 9,000–12,000 m), the boosters burn out and are dropped.

The TSR-2MS rises swiftly into the stratosphere, where it flies in an inverted position like the Space Shuttle before delivering its payload. The "Third Engine" is ignited while inverted. At high altitude (80,000–100,000 ft/ 24,000–30,000 m), jet throttle is reduced, then, at very high altitude (120,000–150,000 ft), "Third Engine" throttle is also reduced. The aircraft returns to an upright attitude, locks onto the target and fires the "Trident" missile.

The TSR-2MS is depicted in episode "CODE 103: Decision Height" as being able to fly high enough to reach low orbit before it runs out of fuel and stalls. The TSR-2MS has no braking chute, but has an arresting hook for emergency landings.

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